How to Train for ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Badge

The ASQ Six Sigma Black Belt certification targets highly-skilled professionals who know how to apply Six Sigma features and use its methodology to improve business processes. The candidates who manage to get this badge can deal with very complex projects to improve business performance and usually work full-time on these projects.

Also, these professionals possess a deep understanding of Six Sigma’s most important principles which are Define, ExamLabs Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control, known as DMAIC. Thus, once they get the Certified Six Sigma Black Belt (CSSBB) accreditation, they can easily implement, interpret, and apply these principles in an advanced way. Given the proficient abilities necessary to obtain this badge, the exam to obtain the Black Belt is not easy at all. Thus, you will need to study hard if you want to get the passing score in it from your first attempt. If you don’t know where to start but you feel that the CSSBB credential can make a difference in your career, choose the ASQ organization that offers the opportunity to gain Black Belt along with other Six Sigma badges and keep reading this article to learn more about the available preparation resources.

Requirements to Become Six Sigma Black Belt Certified

As we already mentioned, this accreditation targets those successful employees who can prove that they have two projects for which they used Six Sigma methodology. You will need to bring signed affidavits to demonstrate your knowledge of Six Sigma features and tools. In case you don’t have two completed projects, you can compensate for this requirement with three years of professional experience. Still, you will need to bring one signed affidavit for one project successfully implemented using the Certbolt Six Sigma Body of Knowledge. Also, if you haven’t obtained the Green Belt, this doesn’t mean that you cannot take the exam for the Black Belt accreditation. These two credentials are independent of each other.

So, what skills do you need to possess to achieve your Black Belt accreditation? Below you will find the set of minimum requirements that will help you become CSSBB certified if the vendor is ASQ:

  • Planning and deployment skills – you will need to demonstrate that you can plan and deploy Six Sigma principles in a project and use different change management tools to improve processes Certbolt – Visit URL Here .
  • Ability to define and describe different types of benchmarking and performance measures that can improve financial productivity.
  • Efficiency in managing teams to leverage their skills and motivate them to contribute to business improvement. You should be able to identify the best techniques to keep team members engaged throughout the project and describe the right elements that can bring the team’s success.
  • Being able to define and use the right metrics and tools to calculate process capability indices and implement different analysis tools.
  • Performance in analyzing and defining various regression tools and understanding the correlation between different variables and how they can influence the business processes.
  • Improving and applying DOE principles and different techniques to save costs and eliminate redundant processes and techniques.
  • Control and design of the Certbolt – Website URL to sustain improvement and achieve the results expected by internal and external stakeholders.

Training Resources to Achieve ASQ CSSBB Badge

Now that you know what is expected from your side to become CSSBB certified, you need to find more about the available preparation materials. The good news is that you will find plenty of training materials to help you obtain the passing score in your Six Sigma exam.

For instance, if you take a look at the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Exam website, you will find different training options to help you get deep knowledge necessary for earning this certification. You can attend virtual classroom sessions which will cost you $999 if you are an ASQ member where you will learn more about the Black Belt methodology. Also, you can access the ASQ CSSBB question bank where you will find three sets of 150 questions each targeting the topics tested during the test. This strategy is very efficient as it will help you get used to the exam environment and structure. On this website, you will also find different books that will consolidate your knowledge of the CSBB topics. There are many study guides where you will find plenty of practical information that will help you improve your performance. For instance, on the, you can opt for the CSSBB Handbook, 3rd edition by T.M. Kubiak, and Donald W. Benbow that will cost you almost Six Sigma Certification if you belong to the ASQ community.

On top of these prep options, you will also find some other paid training options that will help you learn everything about the Black Belt credential from a professional instructor. You can choose the ASQ classroom learning. In case you opt for this alternative, you will have the advantage of benefiting from one-to-one mentoring sessions, personalized to your training abilities and style. Apart from that, you can perfect your skills thanks to different hands-on projects and simulation tests. Thus, you will have no surprises on the exam day as you will know exactly what to expect in terms of structure and difficulty level. The fee to be considered for attending this course is $2069, again, if you are an ASQ member.

Finally, community forums are extremely efficient when you prepare for the CSSBB assessment. By getting in touch with other candidates you will learn more about their struggles and learning methods. Also, you can ask questions directly to other exam-takers and clarify any uncertainties you might have.


The ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt badge will certify your master skills in using Six Sigma methodology and tools. You can demonstrate to any international employer that you are a Six Sigma professional and you can improve their business processes to achieve excellent results. As the CSSBB exam focuses on professionals who already have strong knowledge of Six Sigma concepts, its difficulty level is quite high. So, you should be well-prepared if you want to obtain the passing score from the first attempt. You can improve your chances to get a high score if you use the right training materials and are consistent in your preparation routine.


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