Jeff Dunham’s Most Popular Characters

Jeff Dunham was born in Dallas, Texas on April 18, 1962. He is a ventriloquist, comedian and producers. In 2009, Time Magazine described his characters as “All of them are politically incorrect, gratuitously insulting and ill tempered.” Over the years, Dunham has had some of his characters come and go, but there are some in particular that have stood the test of time. Here are Jeff Dunham’s most popular characters.

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Jeff Dunham’s Most Popular Characters

Walter- Walter is a retired old buck, that is always grumpy and always has his arms crossed. Walter is funny, sarcastic and brash. He has been married close to 50 years and gets annoyed by his wife a lot of the time. Walter is a veteran of the Vietnam War and worked as a welder for many years before retiring. He has been in all four of Jeff Dunham’s Comedy Central Specials.

Peanut- Peanut, one of my favorite characters, is a woozle with purple skin, white fur, a puff of green hair on his head and a sneaker on his left foot only. Dunham says that Peanut is from a small Micronesian island. His humor is different than that of the other characters, considered to be the bad kid. Peanut is most famous for making fun of Jeff as likes to torment Jose.

Jose- Jose is often seen with Peanut during Jeff Dunham’s acts. He is a jalapeno on a stick that talks. He talks with a very thick Spanish accent and wears a small sombrero on his head. Peanut often likes to make fun of him being on a stick.

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Bubba J- Bubba J is a redneck, often described as white trailer park trash. He loves to drink beer and he also loves NASCAR. Dunham uses Bubba J to tell jokes about his low intelligence as well as drinking beer and watching NASCAR. It has been said that Bubba J met his wife at a family reunion.

Achmed- Achmed is also known as the dead terrorist and resembles a skeletal corpse of a suicide bomber that is rather incompetent. Achmed’s most famous phrase is “Silence! I keel you!” which he often says to not only Dunham but the members of the audience as well. Achmed says that he died because he was rather incompetent with some explosives. He often talks about working with Osama Bin Laden but claims he is not Muslim. Achmed is afraid of Walter because he is mean most of the time.

Are you a fan of Jeff Dunham? Which of his most popular characters is your favorite?

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  1. I think I saw his name being advertised as performing in my neck of the woods. I knew he was comedy-related, but had no clue that he was full of characters like this.

  2. I’ve been seeing him a lot lately on tv. He is pretty funny i’ll have to admit!

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