5 Christmas Party Games That Get You in the Spirit

Get into the spirit of the holiday season with these five fun Christmas party games that everyone in your crew will love playing! Which is your favorite?

What is a Christmas party without fun Christmas themed games to play?  I love parties around this time of year, everyone seems extra happy and excited.  Plus it is fun to play some new games with a holiday twist!  Wrap your friends in crepe paper, and then laugh at them as they try to walk with a balloon between their legs.  Keep reading for some fun Christmas games to play at your next party!

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5 Christmas Party Games That Get You in the Spirit

Trim the Tree: You will need green crepe paper, one for each team.  Also, a hat to top the tree with and ‘ornaments’ that you can make ahead of time (just cut out large circular ornaments in different colors, it might also help if they have tape on them before the game starts).  Break your friends up into teams of 2 or 3 people.  Pick one person on each team to be the tree, and on ‘Go!’ start wrapping them in the green crepe paper.  Once they are wrapped, start sticking ornaments on them, and don’t forget about the hat!  The first team to finish wins!


Penguin Relay: You might want someone to take video of this!  All you need is a package of balloons and your friends  Divide your party guests into 2 teams and split each team up so they can relay (a few at one end of the room and the rest at the other).  You can decide how long they have to complete this but a minute sounds good.  The object is to put the balloon between your knees and make it to the other side of the room without dropping it and without using your hands!  If you drop the ball, you have to go back to the start line and start over  You end up looking like a penguin waddling when you walk!


Snowball Stomp: You want white balloons for this one, so they look like snowballs.  Blow up the balloons but not all the way, you want to make it a little difficult to pop, but not too hard.  Tie a few of them to a string and then tie the string around your ankles.  Now go and try to pop your friends balloons!  They are going to be trying to stomp on yours too, so beware!  

Sweeping Up Snow: You want a package of those packing peanuts and also a broom and dustpan, and one bucket (you can get those at the dollar store).  There is no need for teams on this one, compete against each other.  Dump the packing peanuts on the floor.  Giving each player 30 seconds, they have sweep up as many peanuts as they can, and then make it back to the bucket, trying to keep all the peanuts they have collected.  Count the peanuts after each person, to see who was able to collect the most.  Make it a little more challenging by having a ceiling fan or stand up fan blowing near the bucket!

Hot Present: A Christmas version of hot potato.  Wrap an empty cardboard box with Christmas themed wrapping paper, ribbon and a bow.  Standing in a circle, start the music and start passing the present around.  You don’t want to be holding the gift when the music stops!  If you are, you are out.  You could even add a little gift inside the box and then the winner of the game gets the prize at the end.

Whether you are planning a birthday party and want fun games to play or just having some friends over for some holiday festivities, these games will get everyone involved and having fun!  Be sure you have lots of pics and video to look back on all the fun you had!


What is your favorite Christmas party game you have played?  Post your faves in the comment section below.  We love hearing from you!

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14 thoughts on “5 Christmas Party Games That Get You in the Spirit

  1. We usually leave the games to the older kids to decide on. These are cool sounding games, I will teach the kids to play this Christmas.

  2. It is so hard to believe that the holiday season is just around the corner! The Trim the Tree game sounds so fun for any age. I’m hoping these games are incorporated into the Christmas parties I go this year!

  3. The Penguin Relay sounds like a lot of fun and laughter–So does the Sweeping Up Snow-except whoever owns the room may be picking up those peanuts for months!

  4. I don’t think we’ve ever played any Christmas party games in my household. I do remember spending time singing Christmas carols though.

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