LeapPad2 by LeapFrog Toy Review: An Amazing Way to Learn

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LeapPad2 By LeapFrog

Teaching young minds is definitely not a joke. However, today with the advent of technology there are many tech tools, which you can use to teach kids effectively in a fun manner. These gadgets when introduced to the children at a young age would teach them a world of things about arithmetic, reading, writing and prepare them well to face the tough and fast-paced world ahead. Children love playing games and the best way to teach them would be through educational games. The LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer would be the perfect toy for them, which would polish them into brilliant human beings for the future.

What you can do with the LeapPad2 by LeapFrog

There are numerous things, which you can do with the LeapPad2. The educational games installed in the kid’s tablet would bring out the hidden creative ability of every child. They have some really unique and distinct features, which can playfully teach the child to learn a lot of new stuff in an innovative way.

There is an application known as the cartoon director, which allows kids to direct their own favorite cartoon. There are a set of six cartoons from which the kids can choose from and direct the story. This application is best suited for children in the age group of 5 to 8 years. The best part about the cartoon director is that it would allow the child to dub his/her own voice for the characters. This way they learn voice modulation and simple tricks of animation. The app would simulate the young minds to think in a creative manner and learn many new techniques and facts in the process.

Arithmetic is one subject which many kids would loathe studying. However, what if you learned arithmetic the fun way through amazing educational games. The LeapPad2 has a treasure hunt game, which would make the children rack their brains to find the hidden treasure. The education part of the game is that the clues are in the form of simple arithmetic problems. When the kids crack these arithmetic clues, they can decipher the hidden treasure. This way your kid gets to learn his/her math the fun filled way.

Of course, reading has to come naturally to every child. However, with the latest eBook feature, which can be purchased separately and added to the kid’s tablet reading, would become a favorite for every kid. The amazing educational games would help the child read difficult text in a simple manner. The uniqueness of this eBook would be that the child could tap a certain word if he/she cannot pronounce it and the tablet would speak out the word with the right pronunciation. This way the children get to learn a number of new words everyday and even better, they can even pronounce the difficult words with ease. This simply fantastic application of the LeapPad2 not only teaches children to read but also makes the entire exercise enjoyable.


Well sometimes, you have to bow down to technology and the LeapPad2 definitely needs a standing ovation. This educational toy for preschooler teaches young children in a fun filled and entertaining manner. Well that is what kids want and you want them to learn so what better way to do it than using the simply superb LeapPad2.

BUY IT: The LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer retails for $99 and is available in both green and pink.

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