Preschool Party Games That Will Have Little Ones Cheering

Preschool party games: Cooperative games that have kids cheering instead of crying!

Planning a party for preschoolers? You’ll need some games to keep them busy! While many of the more traditional games can definitely be played by preschoolers, you’ll want to adapt them a bit so there are no losers. Kids this age really don’t like losing, and nothing ruins a party faster than tears! Check out our favorite preschool party games that will keep everyone cheering!

Preschool party games

The Telephone game

This is one of the funniest and perfect preschool party games! Here, get the kids to sit in a huge circle. Now, choose a child and whisper something to him. You can also let the child choose his own word. After this, ask him to whisper the word to the person sitting adjacent to him. Continue the game until the word reaches the last kid. While playing the whisper game if any kid doesn’t hear the word properly, he can always say operator to get the word repeated. Even though the game is played with a word, you can also let your kids whisper sentences to keep the fun as a lingering element of it.  This game with its simplicity and fun elements is perfect for preschoolers.

The no-lose musical chair game

This is the basic musical chair game, only with a new twist. Nobody loses the game and at the end, everybody is the winner. Here, you need a few chairs and a few more kids. Keep the chairs in a circular position and ask the kids to walk or run along them. While they walk along the chairs play some peppy kids songs. Just before the music stops take a chair out from the circle. In this way, one kid is left out. However, unlike the previous versions of musical chair, here the kid gets to sit on the lap of another kid. The game is carried out until finally all the kids sit on one specific kid’s lap. This is surely going to be fun and it will also boost up the spirits of your little ones.

The shoe mix up game

Here, all the kids have to remove their shoes and pile them up. Now, you have to mix all the shoes on the pile. After this, blow a whistle and ask your little ones to find their own shoes and wear it. The game ends when all the kids are wearing their own shoes again.

Towering Blocks Game

For this game, you’ll need some big blocks, like LEGO Duplo (affiliate link). Create a base for them to start with, then divide the blocks among the kids. Let them take turns adding to the base. The goal is to create the biggest tower possible. When it collapses, start again and see if they can beat their previous height! You can play this over and over until the kids get tired of it!

Your little guests will love these fun preschool party games! Best of all, no tears! Need more ideas? Check out all our party games for kids!

Do you have any favorite preschool party games that you played with your children?

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