The Amazing Race, Season 27, Week 4 Recap: In Africa

Who faced elimination yesterday at The Amazing Race, Season 27, Week 4? Read our recap and thoughts.

Who faced elimination yesterday at The Amazing Race, Season 27, Week 4? Read our recap and thoughts.

Last week, we saw the Amazing Race continue on in Argentina. We also saw Ernest and Jin eliminated. That means that there are eight teams left. Tonight, they are headed to Africa and there is a Double U-Turn tonight too. So, let’s find out how the teams did.


Tanner and Josh came in first place last week so they are the first to depart this week. They discover that they are headed to Livingstone, Zambia. However, before they leave, they offer the Express Pass to Kelsey and Joey, with the understanding that they will help U-Turn Justin and Diana. There are two flights headed out, 15 minutes apart. On the first flight is Tanner and Josh, Justin and Diana, Kelsey and Joey and Jazmine and Danielle, while the other teams are on the second flight. At the airport, all teams vow to take out Justin and Diana.

The first flight touches down, putting Kelsey and Joey in first, Tanner and Josh in second, Justin and Diana in third and Jazmine and Danielle in fourth. They all get their next clue, after being spit on (blessed) by a villager. Their clue directs them to head to Batoka Aerodrome. The second flight touches down, putting Cindy and Rick in fifth, Denise and James in sixth, Tiffany and Krista in seventh and Logan and Chris in last.

Arrival at Batoka Aerodrome gives the teams a Roadblock to complete. One team member must fly over Victoria Falls in order to spot the next clue. Kelsey elects to do the task for her team and Diana for hers. Tanner and Josh use their Express Pass. This means they don’t have to do the Roadblock and can proceed to locate their next clue.

Meanwhile, Justin must get the vibe that he is not well-liked among the teams because he approaches Joey to form an alliance, which Joey agrees to strangely enough. Joey and Kelsey seem to be playing both sides, leaning more towards the side of Tanner and Josh, though.

More teams arrive at the Roadblock, with Jazmine opting to do the Roadblock for her team, Rick for his team, Logan for her team and Denise for her team. Kelsey, Diana, and Jazmine all complete their Roadblock task while Tanner and Josh cross the border to Zimbabwe. However, they find traffic is slowing down their pace.

Justin and Diana along with Kelsey and Joey locate their next clue, instructing them to go to Zimbabwe. Meanwhile, Rick, Logan and Denise all complete their Roadblock while Jazmine and Danielle are lost going to the suspension bridge (which is where they will get their clue). Okay, I may not be the smartest bulb in the bunch but really…getting lost going to a bridge? It really doesn’t seem all that hard to me but then again, I am not on the show.

Tanner and Josh arrive at the Detour, only to discover that the Detour won’t start until the next morning. Well, that was a huge waste of an Express Pass if you ask me. They are lucky to get one of the 8:00 am spots but lo and behold, so do Justin and Diana. The other teams all have later times, 8:20 am being the latest.

The next morning, Tanner and Josh, as well as Justin and Diana, are the first to start the Detour. The Detour is Wood or Croquet. Wood requires painting and polishing a wooden giraffe while Croquet requires teams to compete in a game of croquet again a local player and score five points. Cindy and Rick, Logan and Chris, Tiffany and Krista and Jazmine and Danielle choose Wood while Tanner and Josh, Denise and James, Kelsey and Joey and Justin and Diana choose Croquet. Justin and Diana finish the Detour first, followed shortly by Tanner and Josh. They can now head to Rose of Charity: The Pit Stop. Denise and James are next to finish the Detour, followed by Kelsey and Joey.

Justin and Diana are the first to arrive at the Pit Stop, choosing not to U-Turn anyone. Tanner and Josh arrive second, surprised they were not U-Turned by Justin and Diana. Tanner and Josh also decide not to U-Turn anyone. However, Phil tells them that it is not over since they need to choose who to give the Express Pass to. They cannot decide and the episode fades to black with “To Be Continued” across the screen.

Did you watch The Amazing Race, Season 27, Week 4? What was your favorite moment?

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