The Biggest Distractions To Teen Drivers 

One of the most exciting times for teenagers is becoming licensed to drive. While this time is thrilling for your teen, it can be incredibly stressful for parents. Driving is a big step towards independence if done safely.

Training your teenager to avoid distractions is crucial to keeping them safe. You can offer some guidance to drivers with a newly minted license that can go a long way toward resisting distractions. According to the Houston car accident lawyers at Ramsey Law Group, here are a few distracted driving safety tips to keep in mind.

Tips for Avoiding Distractions

  1. Stay off of the phone. One of the most prevalent distractions these days for teens and adults alike is mobile phones. Texting, social media, GPS alerts, and old-fashioned phone calls can cause a catastrophic distraction for drivers. This is especially true for inexperienced drivers, so encourage your teen to stay off of the phone while driving.
  2. Limit passengers while gaining driving experience. One of the most exciting things about getting a driver’s license is piling in with friends and going for a drive. Though, a carload of teenagers is one of the biggest distractions new drivers face. The fewer passengers, the more focus.
  3. Do not eat while driving. Take pains to encourage your teen not to eat while driving. It requires them to remove their hands from the steering wheel and often to take their eyes off the road. Eating while driving can be extremely distracting and a driving hazard.
  4. Voice commands are helpful. If the car your teen is driving has voice commands, encourage them to make a habit of using them rather than taking their hands from the wheel to engage in various operations.
  5. Have your teenager plan their route before leaving the driveway. Knowing where they are going and familiarizing themselves with the route helps them to avoid looking at their telephone while driving.
  6. Listen to the radio at a reasonable volume. Being able to hear sirens and horns can be made difficult by loud music. While we all like to play our favorite tunes at full volume, it is safer to do that once we arrive at our destination.
  7. No multitasking. While your teenager is driving, ensure they know they should only be driving. This means no eating, playing with the telephone, or punching in GPS addresses. When teens are behind the wheel, their entire focus should be on the road.
  8. No grooming and driving. While driving, avoid applying cosmetics, brushing hair, flossing teeth, or putting on jewelry. Stress to your teenager that they should save getting dolled up before they leave home or when they arrive at their destination.
  9. Avoid emotional interactions with your teen. This is a rule that is as important for teenagers as it is for their parents. Even if your teen is late coming in, do not engage in a heated conversation with them while they are driving. An upset teen is a distracted teen.
  10. Instruct them to optimize their car before leaving the parking place. Make sure their temperature is set to what they need. The seats should be adequately adjusted, the mirrors should be set for optimal views, and the seatbelt should be buckled all before beginning their drive.

Driving Safely Means Driving Without Distractions

Safely operating a vehicle is a lot of responsibility. Doing it without incident requires a lot of practice. By eliminating as many distractions as possible, your teen will stand a better chance of arriving at their destination safely.

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