Top 5 Crazy Scariest Movies You’ll Ever See

Looking for the best movies for teens for a horror fest or Halloween party? Check out our picks for the top 5 crazy scary films!

Looking for the best movies for teens for your Halloween party or a fright night at home? Check out our picks for the top  5 Crazy Scary films that will have everyone screaming. I love watching scary movies, and these are my personal favorites. Not only are you on the edge of your seat, you’ll be jumping every time you turn around. Load up on popcorn, soft drinks and candy for an amazing fun evening in with your friends watching super scary movies!

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Best Movies for Teens: 5 Crazy Scary Films

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The Amityville Horror: If you want to truly be afraid to go to sleep in your own home, this is the ideal movie for you. Walls dripping with blood and a history of 6 murders in the house in the last year leave the new owners fighting against a home that is angry they are there.


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Mama: A story all about children that witnessed their parents death and come to live with an aunt and uncle. Their behavior is seemingly normal, but there always seems to be something unsavory creeping around in the background.

The Village: This movie takes you to a village of people that appear to be from a hundred years ago. Their society is quite and peaceful, but the monsters in the woods that everyone fears make this far different than any typical village. As you watch the traditions and people face their greatest fears you learn the hidden secret behind the village.


The Purge: Society has 12 hours to do anything they want with no repercussions. This time is the scariest time of their life and one everyone is afraid to face. Watch on the edge of your seat as everyone waits in fear of what may happen next.

Poltergeist: When furniture mysteriously starts moving around in their house, they become suspicious. When their young daughter is sucked into a portal and their home taken over by spirits they know something bad is happening. This movie is full of great old school effects and hilarious moments right along with the super scary times.

If you love scary movies, or you are simply looking for scary movies for teens this list is perfect. All five of these movies bring something different to the table. From old school thrills to slightly dystopian thoughts this is an excellent place to start when hosting a fun scary movie night with your friends and family. Invite your friends, turn off the lights and wait for the scares to begin!

What scary films would you want to see added to a list of the best movies for teens? Tell us in the comments!

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26 thoughts on “Top 5 Crazy Scariest Movies You’ll Ever See

  1. How fun would it be for a teen to have some friends over for a scary movie marathon! I used to love thrillers when I was a teen. Amityville horror is a classic and so is the original Carrie. Thanks for sharing this great list.

  2. I am a huge fan of scary movies. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly. LOL I love that Poltergeist is on your list. I remember how scared I was after I first saw it, I never looked at a TV the same.

  3. I am scared just looking at the posters. Great movie suggestions. I’ve only seen one out of all these though, so might be worth checking out.

  4. Yep. These are great horror movies!! I think the scariest one I have seen is Blair witch. It seemed so life like.

  5. It is crazy what they do with special effects in movies to make them so scary! These are great scary movies, I can’t wait till my kids are old enough to be able to watch them with me. Hard to believe it is Halloween and scary movie time already this year.

  6. Poltergeist was my first scary movie ever! I still remember how scared I was every time I watched this movie! It’s still one of my favorite scary movies of all time! I can’t wait for it to come on tv so I can see it again!

  7. I have seen a couple of these scary movie, but I am not really a scary movie person. When my best friend comes to visit I don’t usually have much of a choice. Lol. She is the only person I will watch them with. Most make my stomach turn. I can watch hauntings however with no problem.

  8. BB watch a scary movie? #JUSOFONII No way, no how, just those descriptions and pics gave me the heebie jeebies, especially since I remember when they first came out and Babushka was very impresionable. Now My Little One LOVES scary movies- especially the thrillers, the psychological ones. I’ll share this list with her. BB2U

  9. I love horror/creepy movies and these are great picks. I remember seeing ‘The Village’ and the twist at the end was crazy. I’d like to see ‘Mama’ too, and I never finished the ‘Purge’ because my sweetie fell asleep on it midday and I conked out too. I actually own the first and second one. Will have to look for these on Netflix.

  10. I admit, I am a total wimp and would not be able to watch these movies. ;-P I’m sure a group of teens would be much braver than I. It’d make a great Halloween event.

  11. I actually haven’t seen aNY of these movies! I need to catch up. When I was younger, the scary movies for us were The Exorcist, Children of the Corn, and Chucky. I think Chucky still scares me!

  12. I am not a huge scary movie fan. I remember seeing one about girls who went cave diving and got stuck down there and were killed by these monsters in the caves. I am still traumatized.

  13. I am NOT a scary movie fan but Oh I do remember Poltergeist! LOL My dad made me watch too many scary movies as a kid, I never got over that haha that is why I can’t watch them now.

  14. The Amityville Horror scares me to death and the purge is so creepy! I love that these are on the list, perfect for a night in with the girls.

  15. I am a whimp and do not like scary movies, but I’m sure our older boys have seen these

  16. I haven’t seen the scary movies. I’m a big fat chicken though, it’s true.

  17. Yep, these are sure some scary choices. I think anyone would get scared on this bunch of movies.

  18. I would love watching these crazy scariest movies on a day time, may be with my husband aside to I don’t get scared like a hell. The Amityville Horror & Mama definitely sounds pretty scary just reading your short description.

  19. These are not only a group of the best scary movies for teens, they are scary enough for me – and at the top of my scream list. I don’t know why these movies have always scared me beyond belief, seeing as I know they are not real. I clearly try not to wach any in July.

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