3 Cute, Easy and Fun Ways to Personalize your Dorm Room

Looking for some affordable ways to personalize your dorm room? Check out these fun and easy DIY ideas! Your dorm room will feel like home in no time!

Many of you have just moved into a dorm room or will be within the next few years. University or College is an extremely exciting new journey but it can also be really scary and that’s okay. I have a few DIY crafts to share with you that are guaranteed to personalize your dorm room. I know first hand what it’s like to be on a strict budget in university when you have to pay for food, rent, books, tuition and the list goes on. It may seem as if you have no money left to decorate your new place but I have some easy, creative and fun crafts to spice up your new home. These simple DIY activities will keep your dorm cute and stylish.

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Fun Ways to Personalize your Dorm Room

1) MAP IT OUT – Whether your wanderlust at heart or just have the desire to bring the world into your new room, this one’s for you. It’s quick and painless. Finding a world map is pretty easy, most department stores and bookstores carry them. But, it’s even better if you can find one that sticks right onto your wall – these are great because they’re easily removable and reusable without leaving any marks or residue. Frame your map with pictures of friends, trips and places you want to visit. I find photos are the easiest way to bring home with you. You’ll be daydreaming of travel with this one for sure.

Fun Ways to Personalize your Dorm Room

2) GET CREATIVE – It might seem easier to buy artwork for your new room but with these crafts you’ll have way more fun! Plus, you’ll be able to hang your own personal artwork on your walls. Buy some canvases at your local dollar store and get started. Collect some leaves outside and paint them all different colours and then press them onto a canvas for some super easy fall art! Another one to try is taping lines and shapes all over your canvas, then paint the entire canvas with your favourite colours and textures. Once it’s dry remove the tape and voilà brand new artwork made by you!

DIY Crafts and ideas to personalize your dorm room

3) PAINT, PAINT, PAINT – Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh coat of paint! Whether you hit up a few yard sales or your family gives you some old furniture you can easily freshen them up with some paint! I recently painted two end tables and placed them together to create a coffee table. I also gave an old desk a fresh coat of paint to clean it up. You would never know that these pieces weren’t brand new. It’s possible to decorate on a budget.

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DIY Crafts and ideas to personalize your dorm room

Are you ready to start decorating? Grab your friends and get to it! Have a blast on this new journey and stay stylish for next to nothing!

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15 thoughts on “3 Cute, Easy and Fun Ways to Personalize your Dorm Room

  1. Those are all very cool ideas. I will be sure to tell my stepson who just went to college about these.

  2. These are all cute ideas. I really Iike the map bordered with the pictures.

  3. I love those quilts in the first photo. I just uncovered 4 quilts that my Great Grandmother made and I am hoping that my boys will get some use out of them when they go off to college.

  4. Great ideas! I love this cute pink tables. Such a great idea, I think dorm rooms would be so hard to decorate as they are usually small.. but these are some great ways!

  5. It is expensive to send a child to college, so the best thing that a child can do it to be more frugal and find stuff that they can re-purpose. Better yet, they should spend a whole lot of their time studying.

  6. Thanks for sharing these ideas! The paint idea would help them to unleash their creativity. Decorating your dorm room would make you feel at home. Family and pet pictures would be cute too.

  7. It is amazing how dorm rooms have changed since I went in the late 80’s. Kids today have it so good!

  8. I think painting does such amazing things to a room or a home. My son just purchased a new 2 bedroom condo and my husband and I gave him a complete paint job for a housewarming. What a difference it made. He said himself that it made it feel more like a home.

  9. Feels like so long ago I was decorating a dorm room! these are such great ideas, the dorm rooms here had like brick walls so you just had to cover them to make it look cozier. I always love to make my own art decor too 🙂 makes it extra special!

  10. We were not allowed to paint the walls in our dorm, so we were stuck with boring gray walls. I really like the map idea!

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