The Walking Dead- Season 6, Episode 1: First Time Again Recap & Highlights

The Walking Dead- Season 6, Episode 1: First Time Again Recap & Highlights

*This Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 1 recap is intended for audiences 18+ (or those with their parent’s permission to watch the show).

The season premiere of The Walking Dead was 90 minutes long, compared to its usual 60 minutes. While some people may have thought that the past seasons had a bit of a shortage on walkers, well that wasn’t the case tonight. The Walking Dead brought out the walkers by the thousands. It wasn’t as intense as other season premieres but it was amazing nonetheless.

Spoilers & Highlights from The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 1

The premiere began with the aftermath of the season 5 finale. For those who may have missed the finale, Pete killed Reg and in turn, Rick killed Pete. Tonight’s episode featured color (representing real-time) events and black and white (representing flashbacks) events.

For those who are fans of Carl and Carol, they don’t appear much on tonight’s episode.

So, Morgan is back in the picture. For those who need a refresher, Morgan was the first person that Rick in the very first episode, after he left the hospital. Morgan sees a totally different Rick than the one he first meet. The Rick now isn’t afraid to kill anyone and doesn’t take chances.

Deanna is sitting on the ground where Reg died, when Gabriel approaches her. She tells him that he was wrong about Rick and his group. Inside the medical house, Tara is awake and tells Glenn and Nicholas that they look awful, as Glenn comes in with Nicholas, placing him on a bed. Eugene enters the medical house and is glad to see Tara is awake again. Tara replies, “Thank God, nothing happened to your hair.”

Rick and Morgan show up to see Gabriel and Tobin digging two graves: one for Pete and one for Reg. Deanna and Rick don’t want Pete buried inside Alexandria since he is a killer, so Rick and Morgan take Pete’s body outside the walls to bury him. They find that they have a shadow following them, Pete’s son Ron.

Rick and Morgan find themselves having to save Ron from a walker attack, discovering the quarry filled with thousands upon thousands of walkers. Both of the exits of the quarry have been blocked with tractor trailer trucks. The quarry is just miles from town, causing Rick and Morgan to realize the town may not be as safe as they once thought.

Eugene is at the gate when a car approaches; it’s Heath, Scott and Annie. Eugene has no clue who they are and is reluctant to let them in. However, when Heath tells him that they have been on a run the last few weeks, he lets them in.

Rick comes up with a plan to lure the walkers out of the quarry and far away from Alexandria. Not everyone, mainly Carter, agrees with Rick’s plan but as we know, what Rick wants, Rick usually gets. While Rick’s plan seems like a whole lot of work, it is feasible. The group picks a road, leading out of town and lines both sides of the road with cars, creating a sort of barrier to keep the walkers from going off-course. The walkers are then lead out of the quarry with Darryl on his motorcycle and Sasha and Abraham in a car.

Glenn, Heath and Nicholas head to the Tractor Shop. Glenn tells Nicholas that he is in charge of opening and closing the door while he and Heath kill the walkers. After discovering there is a steel door behind the glass, Glenn shoots out a window. Things are going fine until Heath runs out of ammo and is attacked by a walker. Nicholas steps in to help and the trio end up finishing up the walkers.

Rick tells Deanna that people need to be trained and armed. Just then, walkers appear and Rick decides to let Carter and other townspeople fight off the walkers. However, once Rick sees that they aren’t ready, he, Darryl, Morgan and Michonne fight the walkers themselves.

Jessie is in the armory, taking stock when Rick comes in to get flares. She tells Rick that her son told her what happened but he cannot train her son to fight, that is something she will do herself and promises Rick she will fight.

Eugene is in the storage area getting food supplies when he overhears Carter telling Spencer, Tobin and a few others about killing Rick. He drops a jar and is discovered by Carter, who points a gun at his head. Just then, Rick, Morgan and Glenn come in. Carter tells Rick that he is taking back the community and Rick basically tells him that’s not going to happen and he needs to work with them to fight the walkers.

Carter decides to help Rick by helping with the front of the line of walkers. He heads into the woods and attacked by a walker. In fact, he isn’t just attacked, he is bit in the face. Carter screams and the walkers head towards the sound. Rick shows up, trying to calm down Carter but when he is unable to do so, he stabs him in the back of the head.

Just as it looked like Rick’s plan for the walkers is working, a loud siren goes off in the distance. Rick, Morgan and Michonne realize the sound is coming from Alexandria. The walkers, in droves of thousands are now heading towards the sound and Alexandria.

That’s a wrap! Did you catch the Season 6 premiere of the Walking Dead? What were your favorite moments from the episode? Where do you think the show is heading this season?

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