5 Things to Remember Before Jumping Into A Relationship

So you've met someone amazing - that's great! But, before you jump into relationships it's important to remember a few things! Check out our tips and tricks!

Having a crush or starting a new relationship can be super exciting but it can also be nerve-wracking. Healthy relationships can be a lot of fun but notice the keyword “healthy.” A new relationship is something to take slow, take your time getting to know the other person and trust your gut instincts. Follow your heart but take your brain with you too. Before jumping into a relationship, there are five things you need to remember. Check them out below:

Love Yourself

Embracing who you truly are is so important. Have the courage to love yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Make sure you love who you are before you try to love someone else. You’re important – your health, happiness and well-being are number one.

 Follow Your Passions

Staying true to yourself is so important. Don’t give up any of your goals or dreams for someone else. You only have one life and you owe it to yourself to follow your passions. If your partner respects you they will 100% respect and encourage you to follow your dreams.

Trust Your Gut

If you have any feelings that something is off or wrong, chances are you’re probably right! Trust your instincts and be careful. You’re strong and you have control of your own life. You can always say no!

Respect All Around

Before entering a relationship, you need to respect yourself. Be kind to your mind and body. Not only do you need to respect yourself but also your partner. Respect their feelings, opinions and decisions. Healthy relationships are filled with respect, both for oneself and each other.

Be Safe

It’s important to know what your limits are in every part of a relationship. Set the boundaries early on and keep a constantly open dialogue between both you and your partner. You’re in control and you should never feel pressured into anything. Respect yourself enough to stand up for what you believe in.

New relationships are exciting and meeting someone who cares about you is a great feeling. Whether it’s your first relationship or not, always remember who you are and never rush into anything. Take the time to get to know your crush, hang out in groups and never put yourself in a situation where you may be uncomfortable. You’re always in control of your body, friends and life. If you ever feel like you’re not in a healthy relationship, reach out. Talk to your parents, teachers or guidance counsellor. There are always people there to help you through every situation. Ask questions. Be yourself. Be safe. Have fun.

What are your best teen relationship tips?

17 thoughts on “5 Things to Remember Before Jumping Into A Relationship

  1. It’s so important to trust your gut. I have been trying to teach that concept to my kids lately.

  2. I love this!!! I am guilty of jumping into relationships WAY too quickly, but lately, I’ve been loving myself FIRST. These are great tools to have, and everyone considering a relationship should definitely read this!

  3. This would go right along with my blog, I post a marriage blog but so important to know you are making the right decision before you jump into it

  4. Making sure you follow your passions is so important. You can not make your whole life all about someone else.

  5. I like these tips. I think never lose who you are for anyone else is important.

  6. THis is a great list. AS you stated already, I think boundaries are so important for teenagers. Establishing hard limits and boundaries is a great form of protection. Also, to have fun! Teen relationships shouldn’t be so serious. You’ve got your whole life to be serious.

  7. These are wonderful tips for people who are thinking of entering a relationship. It’s always important to love yourself and to trust your gut.

  8. This tips is worth remembering and sharing to our little one. In entering in relationships it is important to know our limits and boundaries.

  9. What a great tips. In the relationship trust and communicating was really important to each other and always put God in the center of our relationship.

  10. These are great tips. It can be so easy to forget these things at the beginning of a relationship when were so focused on the new feelings and making impressions.

  11. And think of the potential long-term implications it could have on everyone if you go ahead and plunge in knowing you should not. My unsolicited extra two cents. 😉

  12. I think that teens need to remember to make time to get to know who they are dating. Also be sure to not stand for someone treating you terribly.

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