Get an inside look into Thomas in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials and learn more about the great hero of the series as you head out to catch the latest movie!

Who is Thomas in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


Thomas is the hero with an unknown past in Maze Runners, the dystopian future based off of a series of young adult books. In the series, an elevator arrives with new victims for the maze, a strange place where nobody recalls anything about themselves or where they came from except their first names.

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Who is Thomas in Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

Thomas arrives and makes friends and a few enemies as well as he becomes accustomed to his strange new life. He shakes things up a bit too much for antagonist Gally’s comfort. Gally’s concerns seem justified when a monster that haunts the maze begins to suddenly make forays into the center of the maze that had previously been a safe area for the boys.

The next day the elevator arrives again but for the first time a girl is inside instead of a boy. The girl recalls more than the boys do and she recovers quicker despite spending her first few days in a coma. Her arrival reveals more information about Thomas as well and she also knows his name.

It turns out that both Thomas and the girl Teresa were involved in both making the maze and in the corporation World In Catastrophe Killzone experiment department or WICKED. WICKED has been the one experimenting on boys age 12-17 to find a cure for the disease that has nearly eradicated humanity. The Gladers, as those in the maze call themselves are those who are immune to the horrible disease called Flare.

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Thomas is the good guy throughout and despite his mysterious connection to WICKED his alignment is never questioned. Teresa insists that WICKED is good at I opportune just as she did when she first woke up in the glade. Thomas loses interest in her after he is betrayed too many times.

His relationship with the other Gladers is filled with conflict from the start as well. Gally in particular was convinced that Thomas was responsible for all the negative changes that began to afflict the Gladers shortly after Thomas’ arrival. While Thomas certainly didn’t intend to cause problems for anyone he is a galvanizing force not just in the maze but also in the scorched lands.

Thomas is a lost hero in a desolate world. He has been through many personal trials as he has lost friends in the maze, people he has come to love in addition to the physical traumas he has experienced.

His moral character isn’t in question in the present but his past still makes him a dubious person. Perhaps he is like all of us, lost in the present because of secrets from the past that we cannot or will not remember. Whatever the case he is a compelling figure and an ever evolving one.

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