10 of the Most Memorable Walking Dead Villains

These 10 big bads are definitely the most memorable Walking Dead villains! Check them out and weigh in with your number one!

Even in a show where big bads reign supreme, you have to admit that some Walking Dead villains are a bit more memorable than others.  The story behind the Walking Dead is nothing short of captivating and sometimes a bit mind-blowing. While most of us focus on the main characters and their path to finding safety from the zombies, we have to admit that the villains on the show are just as memorable. Each villain has his/her own motive for being evil and each one fits seamlessly into the never-ending storyline. Here are 10 of the most memorable Walking Dead Villains.

Most Memorable Walking Dead Villains

1. Negan If you’ve watched Season 6, you know that Negan is definitely one of the more memorable villains from the show. This baseball-bat wielding maniac is nothing short of an atomic bomb waiting to blow! We hate that he killed Glenn.

2. The Governor. This man was an absolute psycho! While we don’t like walkers, who keeps their heads in fish tanks like souvenirs? He hurt and killed some of our favorite characters and while we dislike him, he definitely changed the path of the show.

3.Gareth. This guy seemed helpful at first but it turns out that all he was really interested in was trapping survivors in order to eat them. He was successful in kidnapping almost everyone in Rick’s group and was destined to eat them all. Thankfully Rick was able to put an end to this one.

4. Shane Walsh. Shane is the ultimate story of a good guy gone bad. Shane was originally behind Rick in the ranks but became highly unstable once the walkers arrived. Not only did he sacrifice Otis to the zombies, but he tried to kill Rick.

5. Merle Dixon.As Daryl’s brother, Merle was the bad guy who turned good as he was walking death’s path. He was the Governor’s right-hand man and murdered many people. Let’s not forget tortured Maggie and Glenn as well.

6. The Wolves. The Wolves, especially the leader, wasn’t too keen on allowing other survivors outside of his own clan to life. He is extremely violent and is still alive. Will we see them in future seasons?

7. Joe. Joe was no average Joe! This man was extremely savage and was willing to kill anyone who did not follow his rule. Rick was able to succeed in ending him before he caused any serious damage.

8. Mary. Mary was also part of the Terminus group that sought to eat other humans in order to survive. Though she seemed welcoming, she did nothing but welcome the survivors into their butchering factory.

9.The Hospital Group. These villains came as a shock. All of those involved in the hospital episodes were outright crazy! Dawn and Gorman are two notable names that made the Grady Memorial Hospital not so pleasant.

10.Lizzie. Lizzie wasn’t what you’d picture when thinking of a villain, but the cute girl seemed to have a dark side to her. While she didn’t seem to kill her sister for malicious reasons, she still decided to kill her which cost her her own life.

Who do you think are the most memorable Walking Dead villains? Did we forget anyone important? Let us know in the comments below!

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17 thoughts on “10 of the Most Memorable Walking Dead Villains

  1. OMG I totally forgot about Lizzie. I hated that kid LOL. The Governor was my favorite villain.

  2. I completely forgot about Terminus and the hospital. I need to catch up on my DVRed Walking Dead. I hate the current villain. So ready for Negan to be eliminated.

  3. I may be the only person that has never watched the Walking Dead. Just couldn’t get into this show. I wouldn’t be a very good critic since everyone else seems to have love watching this every week.

  4. Poor Lizzie!!! This is such a great show. I’ve watched it since the beginning. I was bored at the beginning of this season, but it’s finally picked up again.

  5. I have never actually watched the Walking Dead. I know that my newsfeed was filled with Neegan for a while.

  6. I’m not a big fan of this show, but I have been watching an episode here and there. I am ahuge fan of Jeffery Morgan though. Will likely watch the rest of the season on demand.

  7. I haven’t seen most of this show, I’m part way into Season 2 I think it is. So needless to say I don’t know all of these characters and this was a bit of a plot spoiler.

  8. My sister is obsessed with walking dead! I love zombie tv shows and movies but never got into this one!

  9. I haven’t ever actually seen the Walking Dead, but I’ve been so surprised by how popular it is. It must be a pretty good show!

  10. I’m not a fan of The Walking Dead, but my husband LOVES the show.

  11. I have never watch The Walking Dead. I have heard a lot of good things about it and a lot of these characters look really cool. I need to catch up and watch it soon.

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