3 Ways To Wear A Striped Tee: Remix Your Wardrobe!


Triple your wardrobe and your look! We have taken a basic striped tee and remixed it into three different outfits perfect for teens.


Hello lovelies! Today I wanted show you some fabulous ideas to remix your wardrobe. This time I thought we could add this thin striped t-shirt to the wardrobe. You see, it was not long ago that my poor t-shirt drawer consisted mostly of black or grey t-shirts so they were simple to remix, true story. Once you have a few basics, amp it up a little bit by layering more details.

Enter this great thin stripe shirt. I found a perfect shirt at Nordstrom with a High/Low hemline so it can transform easily with pants, leggings or skirts. You could totally throw this shirt over a pair of jeans and grab a cute handbag TBH. All of you savvy girls out there know looking at this shirt that it has so much potential. Below I have taken this shirt and put together three very different outfits, all using this striped t-shirt. I have included links for everything so you can grab any of the pieces you have to have! *Affiliate links included in this post.

Remix Your Wardrobe with these Great Fall Fashion Looks

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Easy Chic

tshirt 1

A black pair of leggings is a fab place to start as this shirt has a nice high/low hemline. Now let’s take this outfit up a notch. I am a scarf girl through and through, so for a great fall look you can add a scarf in almost any solid colour. This time I have picked a tan scarf with fringe with a color that is completely on point to match this compact bag. Throw in a pair of matching flats, and you are set to head out.

Glam It Up

tshirt 2

Glamour girl, this striped t-shirt will look fabulous. This outfit is all about patterns. I have pulled together a navy pencil skirt that pulls in the t-shirt to make the whole outfit look sleek. The skirt and the t-shirt work well together because the thin stripe balances with the large floral. Pull in the colors from the skirt with a sleek pair of pumps. The cherry on top is a statement necklace that adds a layer of texture for a look that looks chic. Winning!

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The Smart Jacket

tshirt 3

This is a solid look that is so easy to put together in a flash. Take a jacket with a bit of structure and layer it over the striped t-shirt. Since the striped shirt I featured has a long hemline, tuck the shirt in this time to keep everything looking sleek. To keep this outfit balanced, add a pair of dark boot cut jeans which will balance the bottom half of your outfit. Keep the accessories basic, such as I did with these easy flats. I love the belt with a larger belt buckle, which is a great finishing touch.

Let’s take one last look at just how fabulous these outfits look!

7.30 3 Ways to Wear Striped Tee Board (1)

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Lovely readers, which outfit is your favorite? Tell us in the comments!


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38 thoughts on “3 Ways To Wear A Striped Tee: Remix Your Wardrobe!

  1. i love all 3 mix and match styles. I am so excited for fall, perfect time to layering my outfit

  2. I like the striped tee, cardigan and jeans. It looks comfy and perfect for the fall season. I’m going to rummage through my closet and look for striped tees!

  3. Those are all very cute. I practically live in jeans, so every top I own goes with my jeans.

  4. These all look great. I am not a fashion person so I never know what to put together. I always gets solid shirts for that reason. I really love the ideas you have here!

  5. I have to admit I never know what to do with stripes, so thank you so much for these tips. Perhaps I shall have to give a striped tee a whirl. x

  6. The glammed up look is definitely a cool one. I love the one with the jacket as well.I bet my daughter would wear it!

  7. I love a nice classy striped shirt. These are great ways to mix it up too. I love jackets for fall!

  8. It’s neat to see how you can use the same shirt but get different feelings/looks based on what you pair with it.

  9. Very interesting. It sounds like a great procedure for some woman. I am afraid of needles so I probably wouldn’t do it. I can really see the difference on your lips! looks great!

  10. All of the outfits are lovely. I especially like the first and third one. I really like pieces that can be remixed.

  11. I need your blog to give me fashion tips like this because I have no eye for style. Glad I stumbled across it. #1 is definitely my favorite, but they’re all super cute.

  12. Oh I love that first outfit! I need to invest in a striped tee, I suppose. I avoid them because I feel like they make my look chunky. lol.

  13. These are all great ways to mix and match with the striped shirt. I really love the on with the scarf and the jeans. Thanks for sharing these great mix and match looks.

  14. I would have gone with the skinny jeans right off. Not sure I would have thought to pair it with a floral skirt but it looks really cute. Thanks for the great ideas!

  15. This is why I hang around with y’all. As a guy, I just get to do what I’m told when dressing, although I don’t think those shoes will match anything I have…

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