5 Preschool Fundamental Activities to Make Learning Fun

5 Preschool Fundamental Activities Crafts for Kids | MyKidsGuide.com

School should always be FUN, and these preschool fundamental activities ensure just that! While it may not always work that way for older children, it should ALWAYS be the main factor when preparing lessons for your preschooler. Why? Because the top preschool teaching methods all agree on one thing – play equals learning!

Whether you are following a Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio Emilia, or some other approach, there should be a fun factor in each lesson. The five preschool fundamental activities below all contain an aspect of fun.

Fun Preschool Fundamental Activities

  • Number Matching can be even more fun by allowing your child to create their own bee(s) with this Bee Number Matching Game from Creative Green Living. Plus, you can reuse the cute bee clothespins for other fun preschool fundamental activities!
  • DIY Magnetic Alphabet from Creative Green Living is a wonderful way to allow your child to create something themselves or play with letters they find visually appealing. They’re so much cuter than the magnets you buy!
  • This   Counting Kids Activity for Preschool (Printable) from Inheriting Our Planet encourages you to use stickers as a way to complete the activity – stickers always equal fun!
  • The best way to teach your kids the different sounds letters make is with an ABC Sound Book from This Simple Home! Why? Because you and your child work together to find pictures that are meaningful to your little one. When kids have a role in choosing, they’re more likely to remember what they’re taught!
  • My favorite, the Learning Handwriting Preschool Activity from Inheriting Our Planet is wrapped around a special treat that the child can give as a gift or keep for themselves.
  • This watermelon craft will teach them math skills. It will get them excited about learning arithmetics.
  • These counting games for preschoolers will give your child a solid foundation to learn and grow in math.

These fun preschool fundamental activities should help get you started in preparing your little one for going to school! Whether that’s happening in a month or a couple of years, it’s never too early…or too late…to start teaching them the basics! When kids have fun, the lessons not only last a lifetime, but the memories of bonding with you do too! Don’t forget to take a look at those preschool crafts for kids. They are easy to make and most important: fun.

What is your favorite way to make preschool fundamental activities fun for your little one?


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