7 Slumber Party Ideas for the Best Party Ever

Want to have a girls’ night in they’ll never forget? Before you send out invites for that slumber party, check out 7 ideas to make it the most amazing event ever!

If you are hosting a slumber party, you are probably searching for ways to make sure that the event is fun for each of your guests! Sleepovers are fun on their own but why not make the night even better by incorporating some of the ideas below? Here are 7 slumber party ideas that will transform your event from fun to over-the-top exciting! This will be a slumber party to remember.

7 Amazing Slumber Party Ideas

1. Recreate your childhood with a fun fort!

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Remember the days of building forts and camping out in them? Why not bring a little nostalgia to your slumber party and recreate that memory! Any room can be transformed into a fun fort by using sheets or
a canopy. Create a drape that provides a fort-like place for everyone to sleep. This is perfect for playing games in or watching a movie!

2. Matching PJ sets as party favors.

There is nothing cuter than having all of the party guests wearing the same PJs! This is an adorable and simple way to thank your guests for attending. Be sure to take pics!

3. Custom eye mask making.

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Eye masks are the perfect accessory for a slumber party! Have a station set up where guests can pick their favorite colored eye mask and then decorate it with fabric markers in all sorts of colors. The same station could also be used for customizing pillowcases!

4. Photobooth.

Who doesn’t love a photobooth? It’s a fun and easy way to let everyone take awesome photos with
silly props! A photobooth can be easily created at home. Be sure to include a simple background and provide plenty of props such as feather boas, glam glasses, glittery bows and anything else that you can find!

5. Glow in the dark lanterns.

Glow in the dark items always make a slumber party that much better! Use empty mason jars and glow in the dark paint to create lanterns that can be used throughout the night.


6. Mini spa.

A slumber party is the ideal setting for a mini spa. Set up a table with manicure tools that everyone can use to beautify and relax themselves for the night! Create an all natural facial mask using banana, honey and oatmeal to really provide a true spa feel!

7. Serve mocktails!

Mocktails are a fun way to kick the event up a notch! Make an easy “campaign” mocktail sparkling drink by combining sparkling cider and your favorite fruit juice. Cranberry or strawberry juice creates such pretty pink drinks! Add fruit juice ice cubes for an even better drink.

Are you planning a slumber party or have you planned one in the past? What type of fun did you incorporate? Tell us about it below!

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