The Best Music to Start 2016 With a Bang!

Are you ready to bring in 2016? This is your guide to the best music to start 2016! Get ready to be inspired, empowered and motivated! Bring it on.

Start 2016 with a bang! It’s time to pack up the Christmas music until next year’s holiday season and add some fresh tunes to your playlists. Don’t worry; we’ve got the best music to start 2016 already figured out for you. Are you ready to ring in the New Year? A new year means new music and we’ve got you covered. Check out some of these amazing artists and build your music library. 2016 is the year of YOU!

We’ve got some song suggestions to keep you motivated, strong and ready to take on the world. This year let’s focus on building each other up and self-love. The world could use a little bit of loving and this music will get you off to a good start. Of course, it’s a must to squeeze in some emotional songs as well to keep us balanced. (Cue Adele) What are you waiting for? You’re going to have these songs on repeat in 3… 2… 1… GO!

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The Best Music to Start 2016

1. Better Place – Rachel Platten
2. Love Yourself – Justin Bieber
3. Perfect – One Direction
4. Bird Set Free – Sia
5. Wild Ones – Alessia Cara
6. Rise – Selena Gomez
7. Water Under the Bridge – Adele
8. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld
9. I Know What You Did Last Summer – Shawn Medes & Camilla Cabello
10. Hide Away – Daya
11. Adventure of a Lifetime – Coldplay
12. Stars – Demi Lovato
13. Breathe In. Breathe out. – Hilary Duff
14. Live It Up – Colbie Caillat
15. Airwaves – Brett Kissel
16. Freestyle – Lady Antebellum

These sixteen songs are guaranteed to start your new year off on the right foot! You’ll be smiling and dancing all day long with these great songs. Some of these songs are brand new and others have been around for a couple years but regardless they will keep you motivated and inspired as you enter 2016 with a bang.

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From seasoned professionals like Adele, Lady Antebellum and Selena Gomez to some newer artists to the music scene such as Daya, Alessia Cara and Hailee Steinfeld, these songs are guaranteed crowd pleasers. Whether you’re getting ready for school, hanging with friends or going for a run – this playlist has you covered. Let’s show 2016 what we’re made of and let this new playlist inspire, motivate and encourage us!

What are some of your favourite inspirational songs? One of my new favourite motivational, empowering songs is on this very list – Rise by Selena Gomez. The best music for 2016 is only a click away. Get ready to let loose, dance, sing and laugh. Enjoy this playlist and start dancing. Hello, 2016! Bring it on.

18 thoughts on “The Best Music to Start 2016 With a Bang!

  1. I am still listening to my Christmas channel on Pandora, but then again – I listen to Christmas music all year long.

  2. I haven’t updated my playlist in the longest time. I don’t know maybe I’m just a fan of the classics. But it would sure be awesome to listen to some new tunes this year!

  3. Great music list! My son still has us listening to Jingle Bells! I don’t mind though. I love the holidays. Thank you for sharing this playlist 🙂

  4. I need to update my playlist! I love listening to motivational songs at the start of the New year. I will check yours out too. Maybe some upbeat songs would also be great.

  5. Since today is Elvis Presley’s birthday and I’ve been a huge fan for so many years and lived close to his homestead, I’ve got Elvis playing in the background.

  6. I need to add some of these to my list. I love them all. I have been listening to Foxing. They’re amazing

  7. My teen keeps me up to speed on music that is current. She keeps the whole family up to date actually, lol

  8. Literally just downloaded Justine Bieber Love Yourself on my iPhone. I am slightly obsessed, and honestly didn’t even realize it was him!

  9. These are some great songs! I love Stars by Demi Lovato! One of my favorite songs.

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