Faction Focused Divergent Party Ideas

Looking for a cool party idea for teens? Check out our faction-focused Divergent party ideas and DIY party games! Which faction will your guests choose?

We love the great crossover movies based up on the Divergent book series by Veronica Roth, and these Faction Focused Divergent Party Ideas are a great way to bring the books and movies home. Whether you are hosting a themed party just because, or using it as a way to have a fun themed birthday, this is a great popular idea that all the teens will love. Dressing as part of a faction, taking truth serum drinks or doing fun dares to join a faction can all be great creative ice breakers.

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Faction Focused Divergent Party Ideas

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Let guests choose a faction when they arrive: Set out a table with bowls for your guests to drop a pebble into as they arrive choosing the faction they want to be a part of. Make sure to add a choice for each faction as well as the multi-faction Divergent.

  • Dauntless (Brave)
  • Abnegation (selfless)
  • Erudite (intelligent)
  • Amity (peaceful)
  • Candor (honest)
  • Divergent (mix of all factions)

Build a Dauntless obstacle course: No zip lines for this (unless you decide to field trip to a local zip line location), but you can easily set up a fun and safe obstacle course for your kids to enjoy together. Rent a bounce house or ball pit for kids to jump into. Set up rope ladders, cones for running through and other fun obstacle courses to make it a fun faction focused Divergent party that lets kids enjoy every faction.

Serve Candor truth serum: Buy bottled juice or sparkling fruit juices in bright colors (HUGS juices are great for this) and print labels that say, “Truth Serum” on them to serve alongside snacks. It’s a great element that will reflect the Candor faction.

Encourage guests to bring a donation item: Instead of gifts, ask guests to bring a donation item to collect for the Abnegation boxes to take to a local shelter or women’s shelter to help those in need in your own community.

Play Erudite 20 Questions: Make a list of great Divergent facts with names of characters and plot points and play a 20 questions type game around them to test your guests Eruidite intelligence levels. This is a fun way to test your guests knowledge of the books and movies.

Play the compliments game for Amity: Go around the room having each guest say something complimentary of the person to their right. This is a great ice breaker to get to know each other, and shows the true loving and peaceful spirit of Amity.

Teens will love these faction focused Divergent party ideas. Include great snacks like fresh vegetables from Amity or Abnegation, cheeseburger sliders and chips from Dauntless or specially made cakes and cookies that represent the factions for your guests to enjoy. Add elements like a Divergent Edible Image Cake Topper to really drive the theme home!

Do you have any other Divergent party ideas to add to the list? Share in the comments!

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37 thoughts on “Faction Focused Divergent Party Ideas

  1. That sounds like a fun party theme! Perfect for fans of the movie.

  2. Children would definitely love a Divergent themed party. The setup is very interactive and engaging.

  3. What a great idea. Especially for fans of the movie series. Very creative.

  4. This is a great theme party .. I’m actually waiting to see the 2nd movie since the first one was so good

  5. A Divergent party could be so much fun. As long as you had chocolate cake for Dauntless!

  6. What a good idea to have guests bring something to donate. I love too that you used the shelter as an example of a place where donations would be welcome.

  7. I love these ideas! Especially the obstacle course. You could have a lot of fun with it depending on where you live.

  8. Ahhh I just realized I didn’t see this movie yet. We were going to go when it was out in theatres, because we only see the “good” movies at the theatres, since we have our own movie room (seriously lol) at home. I think I need to write this down for our weekly Saturday Night Movie Night next week. Sorry I don’t have any party ideas to contribute though!

  9. This is a fantastic party theme idea! The Divergent books and movies are such a huge hit with tweens – and sometimes younger kids – that I think this would be a party theme everyone would love. Heck, I love it!

  10. This is perfect and i love seeing bright unique ideas like this. It really makes a love for something pop and when you do it for a birthday you can often make most of the things yourself and save lots of money OR you can re sell your decorations online for money or recycle it to another person to use. My favorite out of the list is the Play the compliments game for Amity. There are many people who are shy and this is a great way to mae everyone feel welcome.

  11. Truth serum = sparkling juice!!! How genius is that!!! I love how clever that is!
    I think having a divergent theme party is a fantastic idea, and am always a fan of giving gifts to charity. Definitely pinning this for later!

  12. I love a well planned party, especially a well planned party with a theme as cute as this one. Divergent was such a good movie, I think this would be a hit.

  13. I love themed birthday parties! This sounds like it would be a lot of fun to attend and play the games at! I think my favorite would be the obstacle course

  14. I have never watched Divergent movie, but I think this theme party is fun! my daughter is still too young to be watching Divergent movie, but I will definitely share this idea with my friends who have teenager kids. Thank you for sharing!

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