Let the Hunger Games Party Begin: Fun Party Games for Teens


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Katniss Everdeen has made these Hunger Games Party Ideas something that almost every family will need to use this year.  Everyone is excited to see the upcoming conclusion movie Mockingjay Part 2, but until it arrives in theaters we have to satisfy ourselves with fun themed parties like this.  Whether you are hosting for a fun adult event, or a kid or teens birthday party these hunger games party ideas are perfect for creating a fun filled event.  Grab the books and movies to brush up on your Hunger Games trivia and create a spectacular party everyone will love!

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Hunger Games Party Ideas

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Serve foods that represent the districts:  Pretzel sticks are perfect for representing District 7 and the lumber district.  Shiny Sixlets candy in bright pastel colors are perfect for representing the Capital.  Serve fish sticks with chips to represent District 4 and their fishing industry.  The different districts are great for gathering inspiration for foods from. You can even make everything tinted with bright colors and extra sugar sparkles so it looks like what would be served at the Capital.

Have an archery competition:  Pick up kids simple plastic bow and arrow sets at your local dollar store and set up a simple and safe archery competition in the backyard. Want something a little longer-lasting? Grab the NERF Rebelle Agent Bow Blaster! It’s just as fun for teens as it is for kids!  Representative of Katniss Everdeen, this is a perfect way for your party go-ers to have fun while sharing in what their heroine would have experienced.

Dig for the diamond in the coal.  District 12 is all about coal mining, but it can be a fun way to search for buried treasure.  Use your inexpensive charcoal for use with your grill and create a charcoal pit for digging for treasure.  A small plastic tub or swimming pool is a great place to layer charcoal with things like costume jewelry, gift cards and other novelty items for the kids to “mine” for.  Put the prizes in plastic bags and provide kids with gloves to wear to keep everything clean.

Make survival kits as favors:  Assemble in advance to give to the kids, or have as a project to create together.  You can go the fun route of making a silly survival kit for kids that includes things like a cell phone charger, candy, packs of gum, a funny book or magazine.  You can also go serious and put together things like mini flashlights, a first aid kit and a guide to surviving in the wild.  Both would be fun to assemble for both yourself and your guests.

Creating a great party for your teens using these Hunger Games party ideas will be easy!  Have fun with the girl on fire theme in a safe manner by hosting  a bonfire event, or go more mainstream with a Capital themed party full of decadent foods and fun games.  No matter which direction you choose, you can’t go wrong with hosting a Hunger Games themed party this year!

Have you hosted your own Hunger Games party? Tell us what you did to make it a smash!


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49 thoughts on “Let the Hunger Games Party Begin: Fun Party Games for Teens

  1. My son loves these movies. He’s read all the books, too. Heck, I love these movies AND the books!

  2. These are all great suggestions! My son and I LOVE the Hunger Games series, we just passed his birthday…but I’m thinking we should host a fun night for his friends and pull these party games/favors out! Thanks for the inspiration 😀

  3. Wow I would never have thought of this very clever, unique and fun party and games ideas! We also like the Hunger Games – maybe sometime these ideas will come in handy for a party that we are helping put together:)

  4. Wow, these are really great party ideas. I bet plenty of kids would “volunteer as tribute” in order to attend this awesome Hunger Games themed affair.

  5. My kids are too young for these books but the game sounds interesting. My older children would love it.

  6. I’ve never read The Hunger Games books or seen the film, I have to change that. Great party ideas for fans 🙂

  7. How fun! I’ve never hosted a hunger games party. My oldest just read the first book and absolutely loved it! So this would be so much fun!

  8. The mini survival kits do sound fun. I can’t imagine the kids not loving mini flashlights. 🙂

  9. What an awesome party ideas post. Looks really cool. My oldest daughter loves Hunger Games.

  10. That is a great idea for a party theme. I know it’s a popular movie, so I am sure this would be a huge hit.

  11. I wanted to learn archery too as a kid, but never took it up (too busy with Martial Arts and Horseback Riding!), but the Lord of the Rings Movies started me on wanting to do this again and so has The Hunger Games. I may have to do this myself on my next birthday, forget the teenagers, this party is going to be ME and for my grown friends acting like kids again, now I need some Hunger Games Cocktail Recipes! LOL

  12. Believe it or not I have not seen this series. I know, crazy! These ideas for a party looks like a great idea The survival kits are one of my favorite favor ideas ever! Great idea!

  13. There are so many options with a Hunger Games party! I would have so much fun using this ideas to throw one — I think I’d want to get in on the coal mining and archery right along with the kids!

  14. These are some really good ideas. I know that my daughter is really excited to see the new Hunger Games movie when it comes out. She would probably enjoy these party ideas too.

  15. My kids are Hunger Games fanatics. This is an awesome idea! This is a great way to include them in extracurricular activities while watching the movie. I will definitely keep these ideas in mind.

  16. I love this movie! I never thought of using it as a theme for a bday! What a great idea! Fabulous ideas here!

  17. My son would love a Hunger Games party. I’ve never thought of this particular theme. What great ideas!

  18. These are great ideas for a Hunger Games Party. You can definitely get creative with the food. You could have blue berries for the nightlock berries they eat.

  19. My birthday is coming up, and all of a sudden a Hunger Games party sounds like so much fun. I would have the best of times for sure.

  20. cute party idea for teens! I love Hunger games movie. Jennifer Lawrence is an awesome actress!

  21. This sounds like a fun party for the teenagers. I like the idea of finding foods for each district.

    The charcoal idea sounds like a fun game. If your worried about kids getting messy, you could use flour instead.

  22. This is an awesome to have a Hunger Games theme party for sure. I love the idea of digging for diamonds in the coal and having the survival kits as party favors. Thanks for sharing.

  23. Great ideas, I love all the books and movies but my girls are still a little to young to host a party. I do love the idea of survival kit goodie bags! Will keep that in mind for the future.

  24. We haven’t tried hosting a Hunger Games party yet, but it definitely sounds like a great party theme that kids would surely enjoy.

  25. My wife and I can not wait for this movie!! And to have a themed party to go with it will make it even better!!

  26. I need to catch up on these. One day I’m just going to go rent them all and get current.

  27. I know Aton of kiddos that love the hunger games!! These would be great party ideas for them!

  28. I have a good friend who loves this show! These are awesome ideas and I will have to share them with my friends.

  29. I watched the first Hunger Games and loved it, but I seriously need to watch the others. I keep putting off, though!

  30. Archery sounds like a fun and unique party game to try! I would love to set that up outside with Nerf guns!

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