Football Party Games to Really Kick Off the Fun!

Football party games to really kick off the fun at your sports parties!
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Whether you’re planning a football party to watch a big game or just a themed event because your kids love the sport, football party games are a must to make your bash a success! If you’re watching a big game on television try planning a few of these activities in between. Some are quick enough to play during commercials! Of course, if you’re throwing a bash for kids, you can use them to plan an amazing party and buy awesome (affiliate link) football party supplies 

Football Party Games that Everyone Will Love

Flag football

If your guests are waiting for the game to begin, have them play their own game of flag football. This is one of the easiest football party games to accomplish and it goes right in line with the theme- it is football, after all!

Paper football

If it’s raining, too cold, or if you don’t have enough space, then flag football would not be one of the football party games you could accomplish. You could, however, try to have a game  If paper football. If you have ever played this in school, you know exactly what to do! If you haven’t, it’s really basic and you can find easy-to-follow steps online. There are two ways to win: by being the first player who scores the decided on number of points or by being the one with the most points in a time limit.

Football trivia

Do you know a lot about football? Then football trivia is the game you need to have! This is one of those football party games that can be played during down time, commercials, and on half time that won’t tear you from the game. Lots of different people can play it and you can do it in pairs or teams. Try pairing your younger guests with older ones so they can get a bit of help!

Minute-to-Win-It games

Based on the popular television shows, these football party games are easy to accomplish and super fun!. Try some simple Minute to Win It type games, like having to scoot a paper football across the table with only your nose, or completing an obstacle course in less than one minute.

Game prediction

Print off an estimator sheet and let your guests write down their predictions on who will win the game, the final score, and anything else you can think of. When it comes to football party games, this is a basic one and can be done even in an office setting before the game or party begins. If you are confident in your guesses, maybe you should wager a bet with the others that are playing.

When football season rolls around, celebrate it with a fun-filled party meant for all football fans and try out one- or even all- of these games. Do you have other suggestions or variations of these football party games to offer?  If you need more ideas to keep your party going, check out our ultimate Party Games post!

What are your favorite football party games?



15 thoughts on “Football Party Games to Really Kick Off the Fun!

  1. You have some really great party ideas for football. My grandson loves football and these would be great games to play at his birthday party.

  2. When I was a kid, I loved loved loved playing flag football. Never even thought about introducing my girls to it. I bet they would really enjoy it. Do kids still play it at school? Our school doesn’t.

  3. I love the game prediction football game that you suggested – so much fun! Then after the game, it’s great for the kids to see whose prediction came true.

  4. Those are really some innovative ideas for a football party for children and some of them for the adults as well!

  5. I might get a lot of hate for this, but I really don’t like football – or any sport for that matter! But some of the men in my life love it – and they would totally dig these game ideas!

  6. I guess I’ve never thought about it. I had two football players but we didn’t party it up (shame on us!). 🙂

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