Best DUPLO Sets for Creating Fun Lego Games for Toddlers


Looking for great Duplo sets that you can use to create fun Lego games for toddlers? Check out our favorites! Each set offers unique playtime fun!We love Lego in our house, and believe theses Fun Lego Games For Toddlers are perfect for getting your little ones involved in building and creating.  Not only are they often in bright primary colors, many of the Lego Duplo products also have numbers and letters printed on them.  These are great for teaching your kids those fine motor skills while enforcing the numbers and letters you want them to learn too.


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Lego Duplo My First Number Train Building Set:  This set is so much fun for your little train loving kiddos.  Not only will they be working with blocks and how to assemble the train, they are making something they can use for fun too!

Lego First Number Train Lego Games for Toddlers

Lego Duplo My First Deluxe Box Of Fun:  This kit is great for getting your kids started off on the right track with Lego.  Not only do they have a ton of great simple blocks that are interchangeable, there are directions for building specific things. Tons of ideas and hours of fun start with this deluxe box.

Lego My First Deluxe Box Of Fun: Lego Games for Toddlers

Lego Duplo My First Circus:  All little kids love circus animals, and this kit is perfect.  Full of great animals to go along with the building set – your kids can create their own “big top” experience in no time!

Lego My First Circus Fun Lego Games For Toddlers

Lego Duplo Toddler Build & Boat Fun:  Want a fun boat to go motoring around the living room with?  This is a great choice for your kids.  Not only will they have all of the great fun building you are use to, but they will have a fun functional toy too!

Lego Toddler Build & Boat Fun Lego Games For Toddlers

Lego Duplo Toddler Starter Building Set: This is a great Lego games for toddlers starter kit. Perfect with simple blocks that are easy to create with.  Your kids will love having fun with this.

Toddler Starter Building Set Fun Lego Games For Toddlers

Lego Duplo My First Garden:  This is a great kit that is perfect for your toddler who loves the outdoors.  Digging in the dirt and playing with animals is much more fun when it is a bit cleaner because they are using this My First Garden kit.

Lego My First Garden Fun Lego Games For Toddlers

Lego Duplo Creative Play Toddler Build & Pull Along:  Do your toddlers love pulling toys behind them?  This is the ideal kit for them.  Assemble the toys and then tug along as they play!

Lego Toddler Build & Pull Along Fun Lego Games For Toddlers

Have fun with your kids and these great Lego Duplo toddler games for kids.  Not only will they be working their motor skills, they will love the fun toys for play time.  Educate and play with Lego Duplo toys for toddlers.

Do you have any favorite Lego Games for Toddlers to add to the list? Tell us in the comments!

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28 thoughts on “Best DUPLO Sets for Creating Fun Lego Games for Toddlers

  1. These games to seem fun! i would love to pick up one or two for my little niece, I am sure she would have so much fun with these.

  2. I think Duplo is one of the best gifts for young kids. It promotes creativity, fine motor skills, and critical thinking. It’s fun and educational.

  3. My son has loved legos since he was a child and still does. Come to think of it his daddy likes them to.

  4. Legos seriously rock at any age. This is a great list for the little ones.

  5. All 3 of my kids loved Duplos and Legos. I can’t imagine their childhoods without Duplos.

  6. Legos are such a great toy for all ages, and these games are perfect for family fun.

  7. So many legos and so little time, LOL. What great toys for kids. I know my sons used to love their Legos and we give them as gifts now to the little ones in our family.

  8. Legos are the best and I so love that they are a toy that all kids can be introduced to when they are small! We still have many containers of them and both of my sons are teenagers!

  9. My older kids love lego’s. They use them all the time and my 3 year old wants to join in. I love that they have toddler options for the younger ages.

  10. LEGO Duplo is a must for our toddler! It makes her feel like a big deal because her big brother has tons of LEGOs that are too small for her. These are just perfect size!

  11. I’m well over 40 and still love playing with Legos with the little ones. I love free form toys that let the kids create and do their own thing.

  12. My son just loves playing with Legos now that he is two. He builds the highest tower he can and then knocks it over of course. 😉

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