Hot New Fall Shows You Need To Watch

Check out the hottest new Fall shows for 2015 for the teen scene, along with sneak peaks and trailers! Then set your DVR and get ready for all those premieres!

These are my favorite picks for Hot New Fall Shows You Need To Watch.  I am always excited to see what comes out and which ones I pick that end up with staying power.  I love all kinds of TV from reality to drama and comedy.  This Fall there look to be some great options out there!

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Hot New Fall Shows You Need To Watch

Containment:  This is a new show that sounds fun, but not sure how long it will last.  It is about a group of people in the midst of an epidemic in Atlanta.  Parts of the city are quarantined while others fight for health.  Families are split apart making even more drama.  If you like the Vampire Diaries, this is from the same creators so should be good, but i’s a toss up seeing as how an epidemic can only provide so many different directions for the story line to go.

Heroes Reborn:  I have watched Heroes on DVD over and over again. I’m thrilled to see this series back again with a few of my favorites as well as some new faces.  Should be a fun ride this year!

DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow:  You already know I love Marvel comics, but I am also a DC fan and this is sure to be awesome.  Along similar lines of Flash and Arrow that I already watch, I can’t wait to see how his plays out.

Best Time Ever: Neil Patrick Harris hosts this new variety show based upon a similar popular British show.  It will have music, magic, dancing and tons of fun things.  Giveaways and audience participation are big and should be tons of fun!

Chicago Med:  If you like real medical drama this is a new show that is a spin off of Chicago Fire.  You’ll see some familiar faces, along with new characters.  It is sure to be a good one for you if you like that medical drama style that watches how doctors and nurses save the day.

The Muppets:  It was a kids show, but everyone says it was awesome back in the day.  I’ll give it a try to see.  I liked the movies as a kid, and the last one that came out a few years ago was fun.  Hopefully it will be a cool show.

Supergirl:  Another one for the comic books.  It looks and sounds like it should be great, and I always am excited to see more girls in comics being featured!

Rush Hour:  I loved the movies with Jackie Chan, so hope this new show lives up the legacy.  It should be a fun show to try out.

It looks like we have some great new Fall shows to watch this year.  I hope all of them end up as good as I think they will be!

Which of these new Fall shows will you be watching? Tell us in the comments!


25 thoughts on “Hot New Fall Shows You Need To Watch

  1. Containment sounds like my kind of show. I guess I’ll have to start watching superhero shows as well. More and more keep popping up.

  2. I am really looking forward to the new fall show line ups! I am getting bored with summer and the lackluster choices.

  3. I never knew the Muppets are coming back! I just got a little more excited about the fall programs! I totally remember watching that show as a kid! Let the fall shows start!!

  4. Omg I didn’t know they were making another spinoff of Chicago Fire. I love that show. I will be watching it for sure.

    I also am intrigued by Heroes Reborn.

  5. All these shows look great! Can’t believe the Muppets are coming back. My kids seem to be super excited for Supergirl.

  6. I’m so looking forward to Heroes Return and the new Muppets show. Those are two of my all time favorites.

  7. I always get excited for new fall shows on the way and can not believe that time of the year has almost arrived. I am looking forward to watching Best Night Ever since I love NPH and Heroes Reborn since I watched the original series.

  8. I am so excited for the fall shows to start up!!! There are so many good ones coming out I don’t think I could list them all!

  9. Oh I didn’t realize that The Muppets was coming back on TV again! I grew up watching the original and loved it.

  10. So many great shows coming up. I can’t wait for the new Heroes Reborn. Sounds like it is going to be awesome.

  11. I am so excited to watch Heroes Reborn. I have been watching all the episodes on Netflix to refresh my memory. Looks like there will be a bunch of great shows coming on.

  12. There are so many fantastic shows starting this fall. I did not realize they are doing a new Heroes. I am excited to watch it.

  13. This post is right up my alley because i am self proclaimed tv addict. I am sooo looking forward to the fall line up.

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