How To Get Over Your First Breakup

So you broke up. It's okay. Check out these tips to help you get over your first breakup, love yourself & move on! (Because we think you're pretty darn amazing!)

Breaking up doesn’t get easier but the first time is definitely harder because you’ve never experienced it before. It can be challenging, trust me I know. It doesn’t matter if your partner broke up with you or you broke up with him-her… it still hurts. When you’ve invested so much time in someone and then suddenly their gone, it can make things very difficult. But, you’re not alone! It’s totally 100% okay to curl up on your couch with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s and cry, but don’t make it a habit. You’re allowed to feel sad and confused – that’s normal. It’s also really important to acknowledge what you’ve gone through and move on.

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Here are my tips for getting over your first breakup:

1. Family & Friends –

Talk with your family and friends. Let them know how you’re feeling. You’re not the first one to go through a breakup so don’t be afraid to open up to a loved one.

2. Exercise –

Yoga, Gym, Run, Dance, Play. Get active! Exercising will leave you feeling refreshed and always clears your mind!

3. Art –

Sometimes painting, drawing, crafting or writing is the best remedy! Get creative; write down how you feel, express yourself.

4. Outside –

Head outside. Fresh air works wonders, take a walk and clear your head.

5. Tea Time –

Take some time for yourself. Curl up with a good book and your favourite tea. Enjoy being alone.

6. Music –

Lots of artists have songs about breakups that will help you move on. Two that come to mind are Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. Jam out to your favourite music.

7. Move On –

I know that your mom probably told you that there are many more people out there and that this isn’t the end of the world. Plot twist: She’s right! Enjoy being alone. Love yourself and enjoy being you! When the time is right, the right person will come into your life and stay.

You will face breakups before you meet the right person. It happens, but it’s okay because from every relationship that ends you gain more wisdom. Be kind and most importantly respect yourself enough to recognize a healthy relationship versus one that isn’t healthy. Enjoy being single and have fun! If you love yourself first then you will have a much better mindset going into your next relationship. Don’t worry, you’re perfect just the way you are!

How did you get over your first breakup? Do you have any tips? Tell us in the comments below!

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13 thoughts on “How To Get Over Your First Breakup

  1. I remember crying over my first break-up and then realizing that it wasn’t really sad. I just got carried away by my emotions. I guess that’s because I was young and it wasn’t really love.

  2. Thanks for telling me this, I have not ever had a boyfriend but when the time comes ill keep this in mind.

  3. Mine was so long ago I don’t think I remember. I was 18 I think? I’m 56 now and have been with my husband since I was 22 so….

  4. Breakups are tough, but these are some really fantastic tips for working through it, and that’s really all you can do! Wallowing is key, I think. You’ve got to wallow and grieve for the loss before you can move on to hopefully greener pastures.

  5. Breaking up, especially the first time, is so hard. These are great tips and I found that family and friends were my only hope when I had a hard breakup. Reconnecting with lost friends is a great way to see who really cares in this time of need.

  6. I pretended that nothing was wrong and kept on with life–which drove my ex boy friend absolutely crazy–Yeah it hurt-big time but I just kept moving and doing what I had to do-eventually you realize it was for the best!!

  7. Luckily I am a long time past my first breakup, but this a very helpful list of tips for anyone going through a break up.

  8. Gosh, I remember my first break-up. It’s hard, but it’s not forever. I need to save this for when my kids get a little older.

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