Countdown to Midnight with Fun New Year’s Crafts for Kids

Countdown to midnight with these fun New Year's Crafts for kids! No need to wait until the ball drops on New Year's Eve, start having crafting fun now!

Looking for a fun way to countdown to midnight on the big day? Check out our favorite New Year’s Craft for Kids! Whether you let the munchkins stay up until the big ball drops or plan your own fake “midnight” festivities and send them off to bed at 8, these crafts are a great way to welcome in the new year.

New Year’s Crafts for Kids

New Year's Crafts for Kids

Prepare for next year’s festivities (or next century’s) by making your own time capsule! Follow the directions, then seal it up and set a date in the future for your family to open it. You could decide to do it when your youngest graduates high school, when your oldest gets married or even when your first grandchild is born! Totally up to you!

New Year's Crafts for Kids

You can’t have a party without a party hat, right? This one from A Mom’s Take is actually a hat AND a blower! Talk about fun!

New Year's Crafts for Kids

Let’s keep the noise maker fun going with a set of easy maracas! Shake it, baby! These are so cool, even the adults will want some. Have your kids make enough to go around!

New Year's Crafts for Kids

This Golden New Year’s Table isn’t so much a craft itself as a beautiful decor idea that you can use to inspire New Year’s Eve crafts for kids. The clock plate, for example, could easily be crated using gold plates and a stencil.

New Year's Crafts for Kids

Teaching kids about different cultures is important, so we’re including our Chinese New Year craft on this list of fun New Year’s Crafts for kids! Plus, we think it’s just a really fun idea!

There you have it! Five fun and super cute New Year’s crafts for kids! What are you waiting for, the ball to drop? Grab your favorite craft supplies and get crafting! Happy New Year!

Do you have any favorite New Year’s Craft for kids? tell us in the comments!



25 thoughts on “Countdown to Midnight with Fun New Year’s Crafts for Kids

  1. What fun ideas. My kids want to try to stay up till midnight this year, so we might try a few to keep them busy 🙂

  2. Those are all so very cute. We always do crafts on New Years Eve… Thanks for sharing.

  3. These are all really great ideas! I love the time capsule. I just wish I had the patience to wait for ten years!

  4. These are great ideas. I really like the time capsule. I wish i had made one with my kids when they were younger.

  5. What a great idea for crafts! I remember putting my crafts in a time capsule too as a kid.

  6. I love those ideas. I think i’ll do the time capsule one with my girls. Very cool!

  7. I love the maracas! We are definitely going to do this for New Years!

  8. The time capsule is such a great idea! I remember doing one with a friend when I was young…except we could never find it years later, haha.

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