Snowed in With Tots? Make it a Snow Day to Remember!

Stuck inside during a blizzard with your tiny tots? Don't let cabin fever bring on the tantrums! Check out these fun snow day activities for toddlers!

When you’re stuck in a blizzard with tiny tots, coming up with snow day activities for toddlers is a must. The snow is falling, the roads are covered in a beautiful blanket of white, glittering powder and you are home with your toddler.  What are you to do?  How are you going to entertain him all day and keep him busy?  Before you get overwhelmed, here are some fun things to do with your little one on a snow day!

Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

Build a snowman: Seems obvious right? It’s one of the classic snow day activities for toddlers for a reason!  Sometimes we forget to do the things we did as a kid.  Make it fun, get some scarves, a winter hat and gloves.  and a carrot!  Name him and take pictures with him.  Your tot will love to see the pictures of their snowman they built and show anyone who wasn’t there to help! (use my pic of snowman)

 Snow Day Activities for Toddlers

Paint the snowMake your own snow paint, then get outside and paint the snow.  They will love to see the white snow turn different colors.  An educational activity as well because you can talk about the different colors.  Draw shapes in the snow and paint some letters.  Just because it’s a snow day doesn’t mean you can’t learn and have fun!

Hot cocoa and a movie: Make some hot cocoa with your tot, let him add the marshmallows and pick out a movie!  Educational bonus?  Have him count his marshmallows!. Cuddle up on the couch with some blankets and snuggle right in.  In the busy day to day bustle of life we can forget to do these things.  Enjoy it!

Buld a Snow Fort: Snow Day Activities for Kids 

Build a fort: Get all the blankets you have, take the cushions off the couch and set up a cool little fort to hang out in!  Gather some books and have some reading time together.  (Maybe even take a nap!)

Car races:  Do you have an old pool noodle lying around from the summer?  Cut it in half the long way, while he gathers all the cars he has.  Lean the half noodles against a chair and let the cars fly!  See whose car can go the farthest.

Hair salon:  No need to go anywhere!  Gather your hair brushes, clips and hairspray!  Let your little one style your hair how she chooses.  Take it up a notch and let her do your makeup too.  Make sure to take some selfies for the memories!

Snow days can be a great opportunity to spend some unexpected quality time with your little one!  Put the house work aside for an afternoon and focus on having fun.  Building a snowman can tire out a tot (and you!) and who doesn’t like a good afternoon nap on a snowy day!

Looking for more winter fun? Check out our Pinterest board!

Do you have any favorite snow day activities for toddlers? Tell us in the comments!



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22 thoughts on “Snowed in With Tots? Make it a Snow Day to Remember!

  1. The pool noodle car race is always fun! You could also do that one outside in the summer, with the cars landing in a wading pool. Keeps them entertained and cooled off!

  2. As always you have some awesome ideas here. I love the one about painting the snow.

  3. OH, I love the spray painting idea. I’ll be sure to try some of these activities with my grand daughter, when we head to upstate NY nest week.

  4. We used to do snow art with food coloring. It was a fun way to spend a few hours outside.

  5. Oh man, last time I let my kids play hairdresser, I had no hair left! I need to find some rollers for them to play with their dolls.

  6. These are all such great ideas. It can be rough during the winter to find fun things to do and keep kids entertained. These all help!

  7. We are expecting some snow soon! I will have to remember some of these to enjoy with the twins!

  8. I really like the snow paint idea. We could write messages like Merry Christmas in red and green across the front yard. Thank you!

  9. These are all great ideas for snow days with toddlers, even older kids. My three kiddos love doing most of these ideas and they range in ages 12 down to 6. Perfect ideas! We enjoy having movie time, also playing tag inside.

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