Summer is Nearly Done and I am Ready to Strangle the Kids!

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Ok, maybe that is a bit of an exaggeration, but I have found that they have been pushing my buttons lately here at Daddy Camp. At first I thought I was merely becoming overly sensitive as the summer passed, but I do not believe that to be the case any longer. I am quite confident that the children have all gone quite mad this week. Listening to the other parents at the pool, the dojo, the library, and at the mall, it is clear that all of the children have gone insane at the same time. This cannot be mere coincidence.

We are normally pretty strict about bed times during the school year; start brushing teeth and putting on jammies at seven and then story time until about eight. This has fallen by the wayside during the summer. Every Wednesday night there is a swim team meet, and they don’t get to bed until almost nine on those nights…not that they sleep in any longer mind you. On regular nights bedtimes are often stretching until eight thirty. I didn’t think that would be a problem, but now I believe it is starting to take its toll.

Getting through together at Daddy Camp

Have no fear; we can get through this together. On the nights when there are no special activities going on, start the bedtime process a bit earlier. The nights are coming a bit earlier now, so they can be fooled into going to sleep earlier. They see how dark it has gotten and they feel tired, so it must be time to get to bed. Pick one of those weekend days and choose to do absolutely nothing. Putter around the house, watch a movie or two, play a board game. Pretend it is a rainy day out and stay in as a family. They might not realize it, but your children want some down time to rest. They cannot help themselves when fun is presented to them, but they need that down time to rejuvenate. After all, it is only halfway through summer. It is way too early for burnout.

Oh, and one special tip for getting good behaviour out of a child that has been straying over to the dark side lately. I picked up a really nice present at the toy store (regularly $70, got it for $20…I LOVE saving money) and it is sitting on the dining room table. My daughter knows that I expect good behaviour from her in order for me to feel ok about giving her a present. She crossed the line a few times and it still sits on our table, waiting to be opened. Today she was good the entire day.

How do you get through those crazy times at mommy or daddy camp? Tell us in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Summer is Nearly Done and I am Ready to Strangle the Kids!

  1. Hi Sean!

    Your title caught my eye because I share the same sentiment! I have teens and I think they are worse than younger kids. Like you said we can pop in a movie make a tent in the living room with popcorn and it’s party time. Teens, oh my goodness, their idea of fun is at the mall, spending money.

    We have definitely had enough togetherness. It’s time for my kids to get back to school or I will not be responsible for my actions LOL ;).

    Great post!

  2. Although they might be driving you nuts, try and let them be so they eventually have to come up with a way to entertain themselves- either on a hobby, readng etc.

  3. I can identify with you completely!! Been there – done that! Trust me when I tell you, when they are all grown-up and out of the house with families, you will miss them!! We had four daughters. Our oldest is almost 41 & our youngest is 30 and between them all they gave us 15 grandchildren. Just take a deep breath next time and think about what I said. Remember that they will be back in school soon & then their teacher will have them longer than you. I know they don’t like time-outs, getting their phone, TV or favorite games taken away. You do have options. Don’t let them see that they are getting to you – then they know they have the goods on you & will continue their “evil” ways 🙂

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