The New Kids of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials


The sequel to Maze Runner has an action packed cast with a few new characters. Along their journey through the Scorch Trials the Gladers first come upon Aris who is a survivor to a similar experiment as the Gladers. Also there is the mysterious group B who is led by Thomas`s so called friend Theresa. The two co-leaders of group B are Missandei and Sonya. What makes all of these new characters so special? Most of them have starred in the HBO series Game of Thrones. Another common connection is that some of the characters are also in television shows that are also based on the YA book franchise.

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The New Kids of Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials

What will these characters bring to the movie? One can only hope it`s the same amount of excitement that they do for their other roles. Everyone knows that Game of Thrones has captivated that nation. So by putting characters from that show into a movie you are bound for success. The list doesn`t end there. Rosa Salazar who plays Brenda in Scorch Trials recently starred in the latest sequel of the Divergent series.

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Those that have read the books know that each one of the new characters has a surprising twist in store for them during the movie. Aris actually turns out to be a traitor. The introduction of females and adults provide for an interesting variable in the equation. In the first movie only one adult was seen and only two females were mentioned. Aidan Gillen who is a star of Game of Thrones is set to be head villain. His role is very small in this film though. Gillen is known as the rat man and only appears to inform the Gladers of WICKED`s intent.

The kids are immune to a virus known as the flare which causes people to turn into monsters. Also WICKED is testing their ability to adapt to circumstances. They control everything the kids do. As far as the girls go they belong to another group of survivors called group B. Thomas`s longtime friend Theresa is said to be their leader. Brenda on the other hand is the leader of a resistance group. With the help of Thomas they will find a cure to the Flare and stop WICKED once and for all. When you put all of this together you have the recipe for Success. Scorch Trials will be a box office thriller.

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