5 Exciting TV Shows Like The Fringe That Explain The Unexplained

 If you enjoy the TV show Fringe, it probably means you like watching shows that feature FBI agents and phenomena that can't be explained.

If you enjoy the TV show Fringe, it probably means you like watching shows that feature FBI agents and phenomena that can’t be explained. Seriously what was that thing and how did it get here? If you have to know too, check out these TV shows like the Fringe that will leave you wondering if something supernatural could happen!

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5 Exciting TV Shows Like the Fringe That Explain The Unexplained

The Lost Room

That Lost Room follows Joe Miller and his attempts to rescue his daughter, who has disappeared in a “lost room” at an abandoned hotel in New Mexico. This room contains many objects with unusual powers and is actually a portal to an alternate universe. The series aired for one season and starred Julianna Margulies and Peter Krause.

Flash Forward

Flash Forward is based on a science fiction novel of the same name. In this series, practically everyone on Earth  simultaneously (and mysteriously) loses consciousness for almost three minutes, due to an unexplained event. After this happens, a large group of people start having visions of their lives six months in the future. Flash Forward aired for two seasons. 23 episodes were produced.


Haven, which aired for five seasons starting in 2010, is loosely based on a Stephen King novel. Follow FBI agent Audrey Parker is she assists the local Haven police in tracking down a fugitive. It doesn’t take long until she discovers that many people in the town have supernatural abilities. What Parker doesn’t realize is that her unknown past is somehow connected to the troubles (and killing spree) in Haven.

The Event

The Event features political happenings, science fiction, and action-packed adventure all rolled into one series. This show takes place during  the end of World War II when strange aircraft suddenly crashes in northern Alaska.

The passengers appear human. But, they’re really aliens, whose DNA is almost identical to humans. All of these passengers end up in a government facility, with the exception of two escapees who managed to hide in general population. Is anyone really safe anymore?

The 4400

The 4400 centers around a group of 4,400 people who mysteriously end up in the foothills near Mount Rainier. Each of these people disappeared, just as mysteriously, in a flash of white light sometime between 1938 and present day.

None of the individuals are a day older or remember anything that happened to them since their disappearance. The 4400 aired for four seasons and stars Jacqueline McKenzie and Joel Gretsch.

These are five tv shows similar to the Fringe. The next time you’re in the mood to watch the FBI or police in action, it’s as simple as picking one of these action-packed series. Whatever you do, don’t forget the popcorn!

Which of these tv shows like the Fringe are you going to pick first?

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  1. Ooooohhhh! Thanks for this post! I love these types of shows. I’ve seen a couple of these but there are a bunch listed I want to check out!

  2. I haven’t seen any of these but I actually have been on the look out for a new TV series so thankyou!

  3. I’ve never seen any of these shows! I’m also not familiar with Fringe, oh my! I must be living under a rock!

  4. I love crime and investigation shows but I’ve never heard of the shows on this list! I’ve read some good reviews about the Fringe and I’d love to check it out.

  5. Cool selections to consider when we are home to watch television.

  6. I haven’t watch science fiction shows for a long time! I need to catch up on a lot of these shows this coming holiday. I’ll start wit the event. It sounds interesting!

  7. I do love watching shows that feature FBI agents and Haven & The Event are the ones I have watched before. The other shows sounds interesting and the one that I want to watch sometime is the Flash Forward as I watched the first few episodes and could not continue there after!

  8. I frikkin loved Fringe!!! recenlty re watched the whole show. walter bishop is a mad genius and i love that, plus i wanna be like peter…a jack of all trades. Also loved the 4400 show.

  9. I’d like to watch The 4400 as it sounds interesting and totally related to my genre!

  10. Good stuff here! I only know Haven and I haven’t even finished it. Fringe is also something that I keep on hearing.

  11. I loved haven I was so upset when went off the air scifi really messed that show up it had such good ratings till they moved the time slot

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