Upcycled DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube

Looking for a cute gift idea? Check out this DIY Chrismas gift giving tube! It's a fun craft for the holidays & super cute too!

Want a cute and easy personalized gift idea for Christmas? Why don’t you make this Tube that you can fill with your BFF’S favorite things? It is cheap as it uses supplies you may have already on hand. I used an empty Pringles can for this one, but you can use any tube-shaped container that you like. So let’s see how you can make this cute and original gift idea for Christmas.

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Upcycled DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea

Material needed for this handmade Christmas gift idea

Upcycle DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea

  • empty, clean cylinder shaped container (Pringles can show)
  • scissors
  • glue (white glue, craft glue or glue gun)
  • two coordinating pieces of holiday paper (red and green shown)
  • a coordinating trim (gold ribbon shown)
  • permanent marker

How to Make this teen gift idea

Step 1: Make sure that your container is clean and dry. Wrap it with red paper lining up the edge of the paper with the top of the can.
 Upcycle DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea
Step 2: Trim the excess paper off the bottom if it is too long.
Step 3: Use glue to secure the paper tightly to the cylinder container.
Upcycle DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea
Step 4: Cut a strip of green paper to wrap around the center of the cylinder and glue it into place.
Step 5:  Glue the trim right at the seam where the green paper meets the red paper so you have clean looking edges.
Upcycle DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea
Step 6: From the green leftover paper cut out two holly leaves as shown. Form the red paper cut three holly berries as shown.
Upcycle DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea
Step 7: Use the marker to add detail to the leaves if desired.
Step 8: Glue the holly leaves and berries to the can partially on the green and partially on the red so it creates a nice contrast.
Upcycle DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube Teen Gift Idea
Step 9: Write a Holiday message on the front and don’t forget to write your TO: and FROM: as well.
Step 10: Use some of the leftover paper to cut a circle that fits on top of the lid and glue that down.
Step 11: Fill with any sorts of gifts for the holidays along with festive tissue paper, shredded paper, confetti or whatever you find fun.
 As easy as that! You can fill it with this homemade Christmas gift ideas with coffee cups, candies or whatever the recipient loves the most. Want another easy homemade gift idea? How about making this cute jewelry box! You will love making it and giving it. Take a look at the instructions.

What would you put in this DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube? Tell us in the comments!

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25 thoughts on “Upcycled DIY Christmas Gift Giving Tube

  1. it looks like a really easy diy idea – even for those of us who are craft-challenged 😀

  2. Years ago, I used to cover cans and put Christmas cookies in and give as gifts. I haven’t done that in so long. Your can turned out very pretty.

  3. SO easy to make and it came out great. I think I will try this.

  4. I love cute and creative gift containers like this! It’s so easy, I will definitely be making some to put gifts in.

  5. What a cute and creative idea. I could put my nephews Hot Wheels in this.

  6. That turned out so lovely! My aunt used to have us save all of our Pringles cans so she could ship us baked Christmas cookies in them each year. I should have decorated them up like this for her.

  7. I could do this and fill it with homemade goodies. I used to recycle Pringles canisters before. I kept uncooked pasta in it, or use it as a container for small items around the house.

  8. What a really cute idea. I’d never think to make a gift giving tube! I think its adorable and would be perfect!

  9. Upcycling items like this is so creative and super fun to get! we actually have a few Pringles in the pantry so when they’re empty I’ll be sure to keep them on hand. I love the idea of using them for gifts but wrapping them in wrapping paper instead of scrapbook paper. That will definitely throw someone off when they see a long tube under the tree!

  10. You could use this cute gift tube for so many different things! I would put homemade cookies, or dog treats in it!

  11. That’d be a fun craft to make in the Sunday School class or classroom. They turn out cute and they’re easy for the kids to carry home too.

  12. Chip containers are great for gift giving, especially when you have to mail things, since it keeps the gift safe in shipping. Thanks for sharing on the #HomeMattersParty . I hope you will join us again in the new year.

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