Wacky Water Balloon Summer Activities for Kids

These fun summer activities for kids use water balloons to help keep them refreshed while giving them a chance to get active in the hot summer days!

Looking for refreshing summer activities for kids? Check out these fun, wacky water balloon activities!

Summer and water seem to go hand in hand. After all, nothing cools you down on a sweltering summer day better than a splash of cool and refreshing water! Kids love getting wet during the hot summer months, whether it be a quick dip in the pool or chasing after each other with the garden hose. If you have kiddos who love to spend an afternoon getting wet, you must check out these wacky water balloon summer activities for kids. If you are looking for fun and frugal summer activities for kids, these games that utilize inexpensive water balloons are the perfect solution. If you are looking for some wacky water fun you can enjoy this weekend, take a look at these simple activities that are sure to keep your kids cool and entertained.

Wacky Water Balloon Summer Activities for Kids:

Supplies Needed:

  • Balloons (affiliate link)
  • Water from water faucet

1. Hot Potato
Just as you would play Hot Potato with a bean bag and toss it until the music stops, you can play Hot Potato with a water balloon. Just fill a balloon with water and have children sit or stand in a circle. Start the music and have them take turns passing or tossing the balloon until the music stops. Whoever is holding the balloon when the music stops is out, or, whoever drops the balloon as it is being tossed is out. The lone one standing wins!

2. The Biggest Balloon Contest
This is a fun contest where each child makes a water balloon and sees who can make the biggest one. You can even bring a scale out if you wish and see who made the heaviest! It is a great way for kids to get creative and scientific to see what the best way is to fill up their balloon to the max.

3. Musical Balloons.
Place water balloons in a circle. Have one less balloon than a number of children. Start the music and have children circle the balloons. When the music stops, they need to sit down on the closest balloon they can find, popping it. The one left standing without a balloon is out. Repeat until you have one person, your winner, left!

4. Steal the bacon.
Make two teams of “Fox” and have your water balloon be your bacon. Place it in the center of the field and on the count of three, run for it. Try to get to your side of the field (your goal) and cross the safety line for a point. If you get tagged, the other team gets a turn to steal the bacon and get to their own goal. Careful, though, if you get too rough someone is bound to get soaked!

5. Balloon and bucket toss.
Line up buckets in a row and try to get each of your water balloons to land in the buckets. You can even have someone hold the buckets if they are brave enough! Move the buckets around to add some challenge if you wish as well.

How fun do these wacky water balloon summer activities sound? Pick one or try them all! Kids are sure to love getting soaked as well as playing these games of skill. Don’t let the hot days of summer get you down, instead, give some of these fun summer activities for kids a try and see what wacky water fun you can whip up!

Do you have any favorite summer activities for kids to help keep them cool? We’d love to hear about them! Don’t forget to check our other summer ideas: Backyard Beach Fun, activities with sidewalk chalk.

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14 thoughts on “Wacky Water Balloon Summer Activities for Kids

  1. My kids love to play with water balloons and they are a great way to cool down on a hot summer day! Love some of your game ideas!

  2. I love these ideas! Our kids have been playing Water Balloon Volleyball (two people hold a towel with a water balloon on it, then they tighten it up and it flies). Keep ’em coming!

    1. Oh, that sounds like a great idea, Candace! Adding that one to the list of things to do this weekend!

  3. When I was a kid, I loved water balloons! I only have one child, but this would be so fun to do with the neighbor kids as well.

    1. Or you could join in! There’s nothing that says these games are only for kids!

  4. The summer is such a great time to play outside with water games. This is a great one! We used to play with them all the time when I was little. We only got in trouble when we didn’t clean up the balloons afterwards! LOL! Thanks for this ~ pinning!

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