20 Of THE Best Fall Boots (Under $35 Shipped!)

Every girl needs a great pair of boots for fall. We have rounded up 20 pairs of fall boots that every teen girl needs for under $35 per pair with shipping


OMG you guys, I was so excited about this post that I can’t even. There are so many great things about fall and I need some great fall boots for all of my fall plans. Plus all of these boots are under $35 shipped!  Apple and pumpkin season is here, stomping in crunchy colored leaves is the best sound in the world and don’t forget football Friday nights!

You must must must have at least two pairs of boots that are on point to rotate. There are so many styles that it can be hard to choose. I’ve broken up the list a bit into shorties and knee length boots to make it easy on you. You should totally pick up at least a pair of ankle boots and a pair of knee high boots to maximize your fall wardrobe. *Affiliate links included below.

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Ankle Boots

short boots 1

  1. C-Label Cupcake Boots @ 6PM – $16.99
  2. Kamik Jenny Lo Rain Boots @ 6PM – $22.99
  3. Miss A Malin Boots @ 6PM – $22.99
  4. Rampage Camilia Boots @ 6PM – $22.99
  5. Dirty Laundry Show Pony Boots @ 6PM – $23.99

The Show Pony Boots (#5) are killing it and I can think of about 3,453 ways to wear those boots. Do not underestimate those cute green rain boots (#2). You will look adorbs in those on those wet fall days. Plus you will happy and dry toes!

Fall Boots Short Boots

  1. Charles Albert Fall Boots @ 6PM – $24.99
  2. Dirty Laundry Chickadee Boots @ 6PM – $24.99
  3. Connie Booties Boots @ Target – $27.99
  4. Yolanda Booties @ Target – $27.99
  5. Terri Booties @ Target – $27.99

I need those Yolanda Boots (#9) in my life right now. I think those boots are MY boot. I would pair those with flirty florals, a fringe bag or any of the other eye-catching prints that pop right now. For a more feminine take on boots, those Terri Booties (#10) are calling your name. Leggings and skirts will both pair nicely with these heels for a fantastic look head to toe.

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Knee High Boots

Knee High Fall Boots

  1. MIA Cammi Black Boots @ 6PM – $25.99
  2. Michael Antonio Baxter Boots @ 6PM – $25.99
  3. Michael Antonio Nellie Boots @ 6PM – $25.99
  4. Volatile Clyde Boots @ 6PM – $26.99
  5. Dirty Laundry Roadhouse Boots @ 6PM – $27.99

On to the tall boots, oh my lanta there are some great fall boot picks. I want the Baxter boots (#2). I <3 the color, especially for with some of the flannel patterns that are hot for fall. An edgy pair of biker style boots is something I always keep in my closet, and the Volatile Clyde boots (#4) have some serious style.

Tall Fall Boots

  1. Ellis Fashion Boots @ Target – $31.99
  2. Estelle Riding Boots @ Target – $31.99
  3. MSC Avis W Boots @ Target – $31.99
  4. Chooka Posh Rain Boots @ 6PM – $30.99
  5. Wanted Raven Boots @ 6PM – $32.24

The Estelle Riding boots are catching my eye (#7). I love the two-toned look on those boots. The fashionista in me keeps looking at the Wanted Raven Boots (#19). That tan color pops, and would make your legs look long and sleek.

Let’s see all of those boots one more time. How is a girl to choose?
Fall Boots Under $35

Phew, that was a lot of boots. So which fall boots do you love? Which ones made it into your shopping cart? Show us some love and tell us in the comments!

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    1. Me too with the boot thing. I couldn’t help it while I was writing this post. I bought the Estelle Riding boots. 😉 Hope those awesome ankle boots are on their way to your house!

    1. I always find the work boot or biker style boots tend to run a little wider like 5 and 7 in the short boots. Hope you can find a good pair!

  1. I am definitely a boot lover. I want one of each pair 🙂

  2. Ankle boots are my favorite part of fall. They’re just so comfy and warm.

  3. I love #3 in both. They are so pretty. I need to get a good new pair of boots and I’m really thinking knee high. I love those.

  4. I would love to get the Kamik Jenny Lo Rain Boots. There are so many great styles to choose from. I need to get a new pair of boots for fall.

  5. Oh I do like #2, those green boots. I’m pinning those to my boots board. 🙂

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