9 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails

We have found the cutest Valentine's Day nails so you can start planning your manicure now! These designs are sweeter then candy hearts!

I may just be a hopeless romantic, but finding the perfect Valentine’s Day nails is on my to-do list. My go to nail color is a cherry red that always makes me smile. Valentine’s Day is a great chance to play around with a fresh look for red, pink and sparkle. I found some great choices that you have to see. These nail art designs are full of love!

9 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails

Glittery Hearts


These, I want these. Anyone want to come over and help me place glitter? I love the finished mani!

Love Letter Nails


Is there anything more romantic than a love letter? These nails are beautiful, especially the hearts under the words.

Love Birds


These love birds are so sweet, what a cute idea for a mani with a nod to the fabulous romantic book and movie, The Notebook.

Nothing Keeps Love Apart


Awww, this one has all the feels! This design is perfect for all of you who are finding yourself farther than you would like from Bae on Valentine’s Day.

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Conversation Hearts


I went searching for some darling conversation heart style nails and look what I found! Aren’t these nails just the cutest? I will have to be careful I don’t chew on my nails in class and mistake these sweet nails for candy!

In Love Nails


These shiny red nails make me so happy. The adorable love nail is the cherry on top, especially if you love red Valentine’s Day nails.

Loveable Minions


Minions!! This minion inspired design is too cute! Something about those loveable little guys always warms my heart. This one I have to try!

Sparkle Polka Dots


If you like lots of sparkles, this mani idea is for you. I love how they have layered different sized hearts and sparkles on each nail. This nail art also does not require you to be able to draw, which is always a plus for my shakey hands. Give it a try!

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Feel Your Heart Beating


This mani is SUCH a cute twist for Valentine’s Day. I am a bit of a nerd at heart, and I am head over heels for these cute heartbeat nails. This idea could with a lot of different colors, you can customize it to your fav polish.

I might have to change my nails a few times before Valentine’s Day to try more than one of these ideas. Which of these ridiculously sweet Valentine’s Day nails are you going to try?

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13 thoughts on “9 Ridiculously Sweet Valentine’s Day Nails

  1. Those are all really cute. I am getting my Valentine’s nails done on Saturday!

    1. IKR? I may have to do my toes too to write all the things I want to say on the hearts!

  2. I love the Lovebirds–if I were to get my nails done for Valentine’s Day (hey–no way I could do this myself!) that is the one I would request.

    1. Find a friend who can paint! You do the base coat, she does the details. I sometimes bribe with cookies. 🙂

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