All You Need to Know About Demi Lovato’s #NoMakeupMonday

Give your skin a break and a chance to breathe! You're beautiful with and without make-up! Check out why we love the #NoMakeupMonday initiative!

Have you heard of #NoMakeupMonday? It’s a pretty cool idea! Demi Lovato posts a selfie every Monday on her Instagram account of her with no makeup on. And she’s not the only one; many people are jumping on board and supporting the idea. How inspirational is that? Rocking your true, authentic self is so important. Love who you are and feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

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Demi Lovato’s #NoMakeupMonday Initiative

Here are five reasons why I think it’s an awesome initiative:

1) Love Yourself
You’re beautiful. Your natural, authentic untouched self is gorgeous. It doesn’t matter if your eyebrows are perfect or you’ve got a few pimples or you’re experiencing a break out. It’s okay. Your body is changing and it’s all part of the process. Love your raw beauty regardless. There’s only one you in this world and it’s your job to love and respect that.

2) Time Out
Your skin deserves a break. Take care of yourself. Just like you give your body a break from stress or exercise, it’s important to let your skin have a break too. Let your skin breathe. When you come home from work or school ALWAYS take off your make-up especially before bed. You will feel fresh the next morning when your skin has had a break.

3) Make-up is Great
Make-up can be a lot of fun. There are so many cool products to try. Make-up can make you feel amazing and self-confident and that’s awesome! Try new products, colours and be creative. Remember that you are beautiful with make-up but you’re also beautiful without make-up. Never feel like you have to wear make-up to fit in.

4) Save Time
By skipping your make-up routine at least one day a week not only do you allow your skin to breathe but you also have a little extra time when you’re getting ready in the morning. Catch a little extra sleep that morning, make a super delicious breakfast or do something for yourself, like painting your nails. Treat yourself with a little “me” time.

5) Refresh
Rejuvenate your skin after a long week. Try a DIY face mask or grab a sheet mask at your local drug store. Just make sure that it’s appropriate for your skin type. There are lots of fun DIY face mask recipes online that use all natural ingredients that you probably have in your kitchen such as bananas and honey. I love face masks and find them to be super relaxing. They make your skin feel fresh and ready to go!

#NoMakeupMonday promotes self-love while also embracing that make-up is a super cool way of expressing yourself. Find a balance in your life and let your skin breathe. You were made exactly how you’re supposed to be… beautiful, strong and courageous!

What are your thoughts on #NoMakeupMonday? I personally am all for it! Embrace your natural beauty! Trust me… you’re beautiful!


Demi Lovato Photo Credit: By SAMHSA [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

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18 thoughts on “All You Need to Know About Demi Lovato’s #NoMakeupMonday

  1. She is very cute. Love to know all about her makeup!

  2. For me, makeup is a fun way to artistically dress-up your face. I definitely don’t use it everyday and can certainly appreciate taking a break for the people who do. It’s good to refresh your skin and give it a break…and I like the idea of embracing yourself without all the layers of makeup too.

  3. I didn’t know it was a thing, but this is fantastic! Promoting natural beauty is so important, this is great! I’m going to start posting as well 🙂

  4. i honestly don’t know who the woman is that you featured and all i can say that as women we just need to embrace our beauty – with our without make-up. We are all different but beautiful.

  5. I think this is great. I actually don’t wear make up too often, but its good to see celebrities do it too.

  6. I never did get to learn how to use make up. Probably because I spent all my growing up years in Catholic schools where we were to practice modesty (therefore, no blings, no make-up). I think we should just believe that we are all beautiful in our own way.

  7. My sister would love Demi lovato she is really beautiful and its good to know about her make up.

  8. I think that Demi Lovato is an inspiration proving that it is okay to show who you are without makeup because makeup is a mask that we often hide behind x

  9. Demi Lovato has been promoting self-love for the longest time and she’s done a lot to inspire women especially the young ones. I love the concept of no make up monday!

  10. what a great idea! we need to love ourselves more and not be afraid to take off our masks and let others see the real us.

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