Christmas Party Games for Legendary Holiday Bashes

Planning Christmas party games for large groups is a must if you want to avoid dreaded awkward silences during your bash! Check out a few of our favorites!

Planning Christmas party games for large groups requires a little more skill than, say, designing games for just a few of your closest besties.

If you’re going all out with this year’s holiday bash, you want to make sure you have enough ideas lined up to keep everyone engaged throughout the party.

Trust me, nothing kills a good time faster than awkward silence. One way to avoid weird moments of downtime: keep the tunes going.

A good playlist will only take you so far, though.

We’ve come up with a few really easy yet fun Christmas party games for large groups that will bring your party all the way home!

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Christmas Party Games for Large Groups

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Christmas Charades-

This fun holiday game has your teammates guess certain Christmas themed words.

  • Participants will guess the word by their teammate’s acting.
  • You can do this by separating into teams of 4 or 5 and picking someone to represent each team as the first batch of actors.
  • There’s no talking allowed amongst the players, and they aren’t allowed to motion any letters.
  • Have a list of your words and work your way through the list giving each team a point for a correct guess.
  • The first to reach 10 points wins!

Christmas Oven Mitten Game

Simply be the fastest team to unwrap your Hershey Kisses!

  • What you’ll need is a bag of Hershey Kisses, a pair of oven mitts per team (preferably all of the same size) and a timer, stopwatch or clock.
  • Once everyone is split into equal groups, you can ask a volunteer from each one to start the game off by handing them a pair of the mittens.
  • Explain the goal of the game and once everyone has completely unwrapped their Kiss, the next set of volunteers can compete.
  • The lowest combined time takes the win!

Christmas Pictionary

Much like regular Pictionary, just guess the secret Christmas word or phrase your teammate is drawing for the win!

  • You can achieve this by having your teammates guess the secret word without using any of the forbidden words as fast as possible.
  • This can be done by completing a Christmas word list in advance and get a whiteboard with a dry erase marker (or paper and pen).
  • Separate into teams of 4 with one volunteer from each team going first as a drawer.
  • The drawers can’t talk or motion during the game, nor can they draw symbols, #s or letters.
  • The volunteers will be shown the first word only before walking back to their teams as you say “Go.”
  • Then they may begin drawing, and the first team to guess correctly wins a point.
  • The first team to 10 points takes the game!

Do you have any favorite Christmas party games for large groups? Share in the comments!

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27 thoughts on “Christmas Party Games for Legendary Holiday Bashes

  1. Classic party games are always welcome especially when the whole family comes together! I love the suggestions, thanks!

  2. I love the concept of mixing up some classic party games with a Christmas twist! Pictionary and Charades have been a long-time favorites at our house!

  3. I am loving the idea of the Christmas Pictionary. I also like any kind of Christmas Bingo or games where people steal presents from each other. 😀

  4. I can’t even say that we’ve ever played Christmas games. What a great idea though, maybe we can start that tradition this year in our family!

  5. The Hershey Kisses game sounds great because it places a challenge on each player. What a lot of fun for Christmas parties with lots of guests.

  6. My friend always has the best holiday parties! She plans out fun games and it’s always a blast. I need to share this with her.

  7. oh they sound so fun! I totally want to play the Christmas Oven Mitten Game… as long as I get all of the Hershey Kisses afterward! yum!

  8. Me and my cousins would play board games to pass the time until midnight so we could open one present as children, now we all challenge each other to dance or singing games on the Wii, never gets old! And even though we are all adults now we still open one gift at midnight! 🙂

  9. I love the sound of the oven mitt and Hershey Kisses game. It would be so fun to watch people try to unwrap a Kiss while wearing oven mitts.

  10. Such a great list of ideas. Sounds like tons of fun we always try and do something for the holidays. Thank you for the share.

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