5 Eye Makeup Tutorials On YouTube That Will Change Your Life

I have the eye makeup tutorials on YouTube that will change your life right here. You can thank me later when you look fab.

I have the eye makeup tutorials on YouTube that will change your life.  Well, they have at least changed mine, so I am being that girl and passing on what I know.  Wish you could master the perfect Adele wing look?  I’ve got that below.  Need a quick five-minute everyday look?  Keep reading.  A beginner who doesn’t know what you are doing or where to begin?  Check out the eye makeup tutorials I rounded up for you below!

Eye Makeup Tutorials On YouTube That Will Change Your Life

Beginner Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks

I love this tutorial by TheMakeupChair!  For one, she’s got a great subtle accent to she is easy to listen to.  I love her palette; it is so natural and for anyone to use.  She speaks with a good even tone so you can follow.  She talks about primer and how important it is for setting your eye makeup.  She goes over what brushes you need and how to contour your eyes!  This video is making me want to run out and grab all the things I don’t have (ok, so that is all of it).

9 Different Eyeliner Looks

This video is so simple to watch. She shows you how do all the fun eyeliner looks you wish you could be doing.  Naturallybellexo seems to know what she is doing!  She does recommend Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner (which I don’t have, looks like I will be going shopping!) even for beginners, saying it is super easy to use.  Check it out!

The Coveted Winged Liner

This is the one I can never (ever) seem to get right!  Kait Nichole also recommends Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner (hmm I am seeing a pattern).  The key to this is a small brush!  You want to start in the middle of your eyelid as a starting point and use small strokes.  She makes this look so incredibly simple.  Kait does tell you that if you are new to gel liner, just hang in there and give it a chance. Practice makes perfect!  Hang on a minute while I go and try this out!

12 Eyeliner Tutorials

Julia Graf does a great job showing you 12 eyeliner style including The Arab and The Contrast.  The video is up close and personal, so it’s super easy to follow along.  I would definitely subscribe to her YouTube channel.  She even uses regular old scotch tape in her eyeliner arsenal!  Check out which look requires taping your face.

5 Minutes Everyday Eye Look

LustreLux is amazing.  I will wait while you click her link and hit subscribe.  Got it?  She does something I have never seen;  she uses white before her eyeshadow pop!  How did I not know this?  Also, she is the first one so far I have seen curl her lashes (umm yea…I need one of those too).

Clearly YouTube is chock full of hot eye makeup tutorials (that I have been missing out on).  Don’t be like me!  Check out these amazing videos and subscribe to them all.  Do you have all the brushes you need?  Do you have an eyelash curler?  What about false lashes (which by the way, I never thought I would want but…)  I have always felt like I could bum around in a sweatshirt as long as my eyes were on point. Clearly I have missed a few tricks!

What is your favorite eye makeup look?  Post them below!

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