Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families!

Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families! |

Have you ever been apple picking with kids during the fall? If not, why wait: it is a great fall activity for kids. They learn about apples, get some fresh air, eat yummy fresh picked fruits and most of all: have a great family time. I went apple picking last week. I have not been in 4 years and I realized I missed this fall activity with my kids. I consider myself lucky because I live in a city where orchards are popular and not too far away. The orchard we visited was only 45 minutes away: It is not  too far but far enough to feel like you went on a nice field trip.

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Apple Picking: A Great Fall Activity for Kids & Families

Once we arrived, kids went for a quick bathroom stop and then we tackled the picking. The orchard provides bags for the apple picking at $15 the bag. I find it is a bit pricey if you want a bag for each member of the family. You can get one bag and split the apple picking between the kids.  The orchards had several apple types. The most popular one was the McIntosh. Even though the different types of apples look very similar, they all have their own unique flavors.

Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families| Types of Apples

Then families settle safely in the truck that drives into the orchard.  They were pretty excited and determined to pick lots of apples.  This cute 4 year-old girl was very serious about her apple picking activity.

fall activity for kids child apple picking

She found one of the smallest apples of the orchard! This is all that was left of it after she tasted it!

fall activity for kids smallest apple

While other moms were teaching their kids about apples…

Teacing Kids About Apples: Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families!

…I was taking selfies!

Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families: Taking a Selfie!

All of the kids filled their bags and they still had energy to play in the playground and watch some of the adorable animals at the orchard.

Bunnies at the Orchard: Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families!

And look at those apples in the trees, don’t they look good?

Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families!

Apple picking is such a great fall activity for kids for several reasons. First, it’s a fantastic way to get outdoors and active as a family. Enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise toting around that bag of delicious apples! Second, it’s a fun way to teach kids about nature and how orchards like this bring us healthy foods. Finally, you’ll be good to go for all those delicious fall apple recipes, like our Caramel Apple Pops over at Our Family World!

Have you ever been apple picking? What is your favorite fall activity for kids?

20 thoughts on “Apple Picking: A Fun Fall Activity for Kids & Families!

  1. Apple picking is the highlight of our fall, like strawberry picking is the highlight of our spring.

  2. Yes, we pick apples at a nearby farm. They don’t spray the apples, and they aren’t perfect, but it is a very rewarding activity for me and my son to do each fall!

  3. I keep saying I am going to take the kids apple picking and just have not done it yet, I know the would love it.

  4. Yes, we have gone apple picking before. So much fun! And strawberry picking in the spring. Fresh picked strawberries are super delicious. My favorite fall activity though is visiting the pumpkin farm.

  5. My parents planted like 20 apples trees and we go apple picking there LOL.

  6. Apple picking is the one of the most favorite things that I look forward doing with my grandson, Nolan.

  7. I have been apple picking. Fall sees us raking leaves for the kids to jump in and then re-raking…..

  8. I love picking fruit with my kids. And my wife made the absolute best apple pie with the bunch we picked earlier this month. I plan to take the family back to the farm, before it gets too cold.

  9. Great pictures! I love apple picking and I wanted to go this year but since CA is in such a drought the farms all closed up early this year!

  10. Today is a great Saturday for apple picking where I live. We had lots of apples over the last two weeks but we are running on empty. I love to make crockpot applesauce, sliced apples for peanut butter, and my mom makes fried apples. These are my favorite fruit – and apparently everybody else in the family loves them just as much!

  11. We haven’t gone apple picking yet, but would love to! Our favorite fall activity is driving out in the country and enjoying the beautiful fall colors the trees have to offer.

  12. we love going apple picking. the place we go to has a corn maze too and tractor rides.

  13. 3 of our grandchildren went apple picking about a week ago. It was a beautiful day & so was the fall scenery! The kids had fun running around & seeing who can get the most apples. AND of course, taking bites now and then! This place also has hay rides and a little petting zoo.

  14. I wish we had apple orchards near us! We go pumpkin picking each fall and really look forward to it.

  15. I need to take my kids apple picking! We have lived down the road from a berry farm for years and still haven’t gone!

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