Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaves Bouquet Holder

Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaves Bouquet Holder

Looking for an easy fall craft for kids?  Check out this one!  Preschoolers and grade school kids will have a blast. Even toddlers can make this craft (with a little help). My daughter is in first grade and she loves exploring the nature around her. When she comes home from school, she has a snack and then starts playing with her toys. We had a beautiful week last week so we decided to play in the yard.

I was working on my computer and she was exploring the yard with her little hand. After few minutes she brought me a pile of gorgeous fall leaves. Then I thought why not make an easy fall craft with those gorgeous leaves. Since it was not planned the craft had to be super easy and with materials we had on hand. Let’s see how you can make this easy fall craft for kids.

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Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaf-covered bouquet holder

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Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaves Bouquet Holder: Supplies

  • A plastic cup or a bouquet holder. I had a red flower holder that was not very appealing.
  • fall leaves (if you don’t live in an area with leaves, you can always buy fake ones)

Leaves for this easy fall craft for kids

  • scotch tape
  • Clear contact paper
  • a foam board to work on it so you don’t ruin your table
  • scissors

How to make this easy fall craft for kids

  • Cut your contact paper so it can cover the cup or flower holder. It is better if the adult does this part

Assembling this easy fall craft for kids

  • Roll it with the adhesive out. Make it long enough so you can stick the ends together
  • Use some scotch tape to hold it but not too much

Adding leaves to this easy fall craft for kids

  • Then let the child stick the fall leaves.

My daughter loved making this fall craft for kids that she brought a plastic cup and did it again by herself. She needed help with the contact paper set up though.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaves Bouquet Holder

This is an easy fall craft for kids: it can keep them busy for a long time. They need to pick the leaves, help choose the appropriate cup then decorate it as they wish. Then they can pick flowers from the yard and add it to the fall craft. It will be a wonderful bouquet on your dining table. It also makes a gorgeous Thanksgiving centerpiece, don’t you think?

What do you think of this Easy Fall craft for kids? Tell us in the comments!

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15 thoughts on “Easy Fall Craft for Kids: Leaves Bouquet Holder


  2. I think yours turned out beauriful. I’m going to bookmark this page as something to make with my 3 little ones!!

  3. How sweet! You just know that she felt proud to have such a huge part in making this craft by collecting the leaves. I really love that you managed to create this with things that you have on hand.

  4. My daughter would love to make this, she just loves flowers and would be so proud to make her own and she is a leaf collector too.

  5. i love this idea. we surprisingly dont have much colorful leaves right now but hopefully soon!

  6. My grandson would love this. He is so excited to see all the different leaves changing color. I will have to do this after the rain stops! Thanks for sharing!

  7. This would be such a fun project for kids. My daughter loves doing leaf rubbings and coin rubbings.

  8. This is pretty and I love the idea. Great to make with the granddaughter.

  9. This activity is so cute and looks so easy, and the kids would love helping to make this. We have so many colorful leaves around this time of year to use for this. Thanks for sharing this cute project.

  10. My granddaughter is always in the backyard these past few days picking up the perfect leaves,she would enjoy this for sure

  11. This is a very cute idea and my little granddaughters will enjoy this project.We love walking and looking for pretty leaves together in the fall.

  12. Good idea and the leaves last even longer if you press and wax them first

  13. This will make a perfect centerpiece for our Thanksgiving dinner! My kids will really enjoy making this!

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