First Birthday Party Games for an Epic Party

First Birthday Party Games for an Epic Party |

Looking for fun first birthday party games for kids? Read on! Every parent of young children understands the pressure of the first birthday party. It has to be special and tons of fun for the kids! The first birthday party is one of the most epic events in your kid’s childhood (even though they won’t remember it except in pics). Having the perfect first birthday party games is the key. With great birthday games, the rest of the party will fall right into place.  Here are some awesome first birthday party games that are certain to be a huge hit!

First Birthday Party Games Ideas

Freeze Dance

Kids absolutely love to dance and that is true at any age. Get all the kids in a big area and turn on some funky, fun music. As the kids dance, explain to them that they have to freeze in place when the music stops. The giggles and fun are sure to follow as your wee ones try to hold their spots in between silly dances.

Copy Cat

Although this might sound kind of boring, you will be surprised at how much fun it can be. Simply have an adult stand up in front of the group and make the kids copy everything they do. As the kids do certain things, make them increasingly silly and difficult.

Balloon Bounce

A room without any dangerous corners or breakables is required for this first birthday party game for kids. Get a room that is clear and gather all the kids inside. Release several balloons into the air and have the kids keep them in the air without being allowed to actually catch them. They have to pop them in the air when they come down.

Treasure Hunt

Whatever the theme is for your first birthday party, zero in on something hidable. If you are having a western theme, for example, perhaps you will hide a whole bunch of horseshoes. If you are having a princess theme, perhaps you could hide crowns. Whatever the theme, make a treasure hunt that is related to the theme with prizes for the most found. (Of course have prizes for all).

Bubble Blaster

This is much like the balloon game but a bit more difficult. Get one of the bubble blowers that put out constant streams and have the kids pop them as they come out. Allow no bubbles to hit the ground if possible and work in small groups. If you need to, get several bubble blasters for the party. Bubbles are always a hit at first birthday parties.

Cute supplies for your 1st birthday party

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What did you do for your little one’s first birthday? Do you have any great first birthday party games to share?

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10 thoughts on “First Birthday Party Games for an Epic Party

  1. thanks for these tips. im having a birthday party for my sons 7th birthday (it his firsdt party, he’s autistic), and i sometimes forget that less is more. copycat sounds up his alley 🙂

  2. Great ideas! When you first mentioned bubbles, I was thinking “bubbles are always a hit at first birthday parties” and then I kept reading and that’s what you said! Great minds think alike. I have 5 more months to go till I have to celebrate another first birthday party.

  3. I can barely remember my daughter’s 1st birthday. I think we just played with party favors. These are some great ideas.

  4. What cute ideas! I’m pregnant now and already looking forward to celebrating that first birthday.

  5. Freeze Dance – great idea!! I think it’ll be another year or two before my daughter and her friends would really be able to do that (they’re currently 2), but it’s definitely going on my list of ideas.

  6. thank you for sharing with us.i will have to let my friend know.her daughters first birthday is coming up.

  7. I love the bubble game idea.I have played this with my 4 kids before.I am sending this page to a friend.She is planning her daughter’s 1st birthday party.

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