Hispanic Parents Handbook: How To Raise Kids To be Proud Of Their Roots

Moving to a different place for a better life has its perks. But it does have some disadvantages as well. Your kids will grow up in an environment with a different culture and style than you did.

Their roots begin to detach when they are no longer exposed to their heritage and culture. But here is where you come in to help them hold on to those roots.

In the following sections, we will share some of your expert parenting tips on how to raise multicultural kids proud of their hispanic heritage.

Pass On Your Hispanic Heritage

You are more than enough to make them proud of their culture. If they see that you are embracing the songs, movies, dance, food, etc. of the Hispanic culture, they will learn to embrace it as well. Speaking to them in your native language will help them learn and understand it better.

Your kids will follow you proudly as long as you stay connected to your roots. They will also stay connected!

Here’s How Your Kids Can Stick to Their Roots

Here are some things you can do to make your kids proudly stick to your roots.

  • Language

Children always absorb everything around them. They learn so many things unknowingly, especially from adults. Specifically from their parents.

This is why speaking in Spanish to them from a very early age is important. Kids love to imitate their parents and learn from them too. Just by hearing Spanish from an early age, they will pick it up effortlessly.

You can also give them Hispanic names so that they feel connected. So here is a list of cute Hispanic girl names for your consideration.

This is just a step closer to being close to their roots. And the best thing about today’s world is that kids can learn different languages without even leaving home.

  • Spanish Media

Expose them to movies and cartoons made specifically in Hispanic culture. This way they relate more to what they are seeing, and it will help them feel more understood.

To them, this will be pure entertainment. Which it is, but it is also a fun way for them to learn and stay connected with their culture. Hispanic kids can also find something from the media that will help them relate to each other.

When they go back home, wherever their home country is, they will not feel like an outsider because they will already know all the norms of their home.

  • Music and Dance

Music and dance have been a part of the culture for centuries. These two things are something that people of all ages enjoy. Introducing your child to the music of your culture will encourage them to learn more,

The music of every culture is so unique and interesting. Most people find themselves drawn to music. You can always put it on in the background while they are doing something else.

After all, we are more likely to remember the lyrics of a song we heard ten years ago than a term paper we just read. Music has its way of instilling itself in our brains.

It is something that speaks volumes. When we listen to certain music we can already tell which culture or country it is from. The Reggaeton is a big part of Spanish culture.

It’s very popular as many American singers use it in their music. Kids will be able to identify this and notice that it is from their culture, which will in turn make them proud.

Dance is another form of art that connects heavily with people. People, especially kids, love to dance. And the Hispanic culture has the kind of rhythmic music that will get you on your toes.

Salsa is the most popular form of dance music. It is also a very big part of Spanish culture. Whenever someone hears the name of this dance, their mind can easily picture where it comes from.

Kids will enjoy learning through dance the most. Tango is another favorite. And don’t we all love doing the cha cha cha?

As you can see, dance will keep the culture in your house alive. Kids are visual learners. Culture can also be taught through toys aside from music and dance.

  • Food

Another thing that will for sure keep the culture alive in the household is none other than food. Food is one of the biggest parts of culture. One thing that we always think of when visiting different countries is trying out their food.

When somebody asks us about our home country, we start describing what the food is like. Eating a certain type of food always reminds us of home.

Cultural occasions never happen without the traditional food. You should make your children enchilada, migas, shrimp ceviche, cinnamon churros, etc. as they grow up. This way, the taste will remain on their tongue and have them craving more.

No one loves anything more than their mother’s cooking. They will grow up seeing American food or the food of where they are currently. So start introducing them right at home.

And get your kid into cooking while they are teenagers. This will make them want to learn more about their traditional foods.

  • Traditional Clothing

Take advantage of the special Hispanic occasions. Be loud and proud. Wear the traditional dresses and make your kids wear them as well.

Teach them the history of the dresses and why they are worn on certain occasions. This way they will not only learn about the dresses but also why we celebrate wearing them.

  • Stay Connected To Hispanic Friends and Family

Let them know and bond with their Hispanic family. This will always make them happy about having their own culture.

If you have the means, go back and forth from your home country. This will be the biggest way to keep them connected. But that not being possible isn’t a problem.

Because Hispanic communities are really big all over the world. Hispanic families are everywhere, and socializing with them will help the kids relate and communicate better.


With time, you will learn how to raise multicultural kids proud of their Hispanic heritage. Remember, being a parent isn’t easy. There will be lots of obstacles along the way, which you’ll encounter at different stages of their lives.  But we hope we made one of your problems a little easier.

Just remember to be consistent with all of these!

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