Hottest Makeup Trends for Fall 2015


Your fall makeup will arise from palettes of purples, nudes and rose golds. Here are some of the best fall 2015 makeup trends.

While the weather is getting crisper and the leaves are turning beautiful shades of red, yellow and orange, the leaves are not where you are going to get your inspiration for fall makeup. Your fall makeup will arise from palettes of purples, nudes and rose golds. Here are some of the best fall 2015 makeup trends.

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Best Fall 2015 Makeup Trends

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Bold eyebrows

Best Fall 2015 Makeup Trends bold eyebrows

You may think that having bold eyebrows is a bit too masculine, the fact is that eyebrows that are well-defined are extremely feminine and can instantly highlight your best features. To achieve this feminine look, use an eyebrow brush and some eyebrow gel to give your brows an arched look.

Smoky purple eyeliner

Steer clear from the normal, everyday black hues of eyeliner and opt instead for some smoky purple. The key to complimenting purple eye makeup is to play down your lip color. However, for a daring evening look, add red color to your lips instead. Purple eyeliner can be used with almost any color of eyeshadow.

Stunning cat eyes

Best Fall 2015 Makeup Trends Cat Eyes

While it is true that cat eyes are great for any season since the makeup is universal, it looks extremely stunning in autumn. Cat eyes work well with those who have close set eyes since this look will make your eye shape appear elongated. Applying a couple of coats of mascara will add some intensity to the look.

Rose gold makeup

Nothing says autumn quite like rose gold makeup. This makeup showcase the warmth and crispness of the fall months. A great look using rose gold colors is to use gold eyeliner and rose-colored eyeshadow.

Bold lip colors

Best Fall 2015 Makeup Trends Bold Lip Colors

The fall of 2015 is all about bold lip colors. Bold lip colors come in various styles like shimmering, glossy and matte. Deep ruby lip color will look amazing with rosy blush and deep brown eye colors.

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26 thoughts on “Hottest Makeup Trends for Fall 2015

  1. I love that bold eyebrows are coming back. Great makeup ideas.

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever clipped my eyebrows to make them thin…maybe once by accident lol..I’ve kept them natural, bold and bushy and they are naturally darker than my hair. I’m all about red lips!!

  3. Change in eyeliner color=awesome. The seasons are changing great opportunity to try something new.

  4. I love the fall because you can get away with darker shades of makeup, especially when it comes to the lips and the eyes! Thanks for the trend list.

  5. I use rose gold make up all the time and it really highlights my brown eyes. Smoky purple eyeliner is something I would love to try.

  6. Beautiful looks! I enjoy accentuating my eyes, but my allergies and itchy eyes tend to interfere with using a lot of makeup, especially mascara!

  7. I love the rose gold trend and bold lips. I’d say cat eyes but I just cannot get it down. Thanks for the Fall inspiration.

  8. I love this looks and so glad to see the purple making a come back to the eyes, looks so pretty

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