5 Movies Like The Infiltrator To Watch The Best Badass Criminals

YES! These movies like The Infiltrator have some of the most badass criminals ever.

Some of the biggest criminal busts in history can be found in this list of movies like the Infiltrator. Drug lords, King Pins, and money launderers all have one thing in common. Ok besides they are super badass, they are also fascinating to watch! The new movie The Infiltrator stars the same actor who played Walter White in Breaking Bad, so all of you fans need to check out his latest flick. Then check out all the details about some other killer movies to watch!

5 Movies Like The Infiltrator To Watch The Best Badass Criminals

The Infiltrator is a 2016 crime drama movie that is based on the real-life story of Robert Mazur, a former United States Customs Special Agent who went undercover to take down the biggest money-laundering organization. The movie stars Bryan Cranston as Robert Mazur. Here are some other awesome movies like The Infiltrator.

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Blow is a 2001 biographical crime movie that details the life of George Jung, a cocaine smuggler. It is adapted from the 1993 book titled Blow: How a Small Town Boy Made $100 million with the Medellin Cocaine Cartel and Lost It All written by Bruce Porter. Blow stars Johnny Depp as George Jung.

Escobar: Paradise Lost

Escobar: Paradise Lost is a 2014 romantic thriller movie about a surfer that falls in love with a girl he later discovers is the niece of Pablo Escobar, the famous Colombian drug lord. Escobar: Paradise Lost stars Benicio del Toro as Pablo Escobar, Josh Hutcherson as Nick Brady and Claudia Traisac as Maria.

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Snitch is a 2013 crime drama movie that stars Dwayne Johnson as John Matthews, a construction worker who goes undercover for the DEA when his son Jason Collins is sent to prison after being set up in a sting operation. Snitch also stars Rafi Gavron as Jason Collins.


Sicario is a 2015 crime thriller drama movie about FBI Agent Kate Macer, who is sent on a mission to capture the leader of a powerful and dangerous Mexican drug cartel. Sicario stars Emily Blunt as FBI Agent Kate Macer and Julio Cedillo as drug cartel leader Fausto Alarcon.

Black Mass

Black Mass is a 2015 biographical crime drama movie that is based on the 2001 book titled Black Mass: The True Story of an Unholy Alliance Between the FBI and the Irish Mob written by Dick Lehr and Gerard O’Neill. It is based on the criminal career of Whitey Bulger, starring Johnny Depp as Whitey Bulger.

So which of these crime lord movies like the Infiltrator are you going to watch? I want to know down in the comments!

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21 thoughts on “5 Movies Like The Infiltrator To Watch The Best Badass Criminals

  1. I’m really not up with movies lately as I’ve not heard of most of these. 😉

    Before kids we used to go to the movies all of the time but not so much lately x x

  2. Although I am not a movie watcher (at all), you have a great round-up here. I did see Black Mass but wasnt too impressed with it, having lived in Boston for years.

  3. Love all these movies! Blow was probably my last favorite Johnny Depp film. It’s always fun to watch bad guys.

  4. Not my genre but you did a great job of selling it! I am interested in any “true crime” type of stories but usually find them too graphic.

  5. These are totally some of my favorite movies of all times. Would you believe that I only started watching Breaking Bad a week ago? I’m already on season three, but still…. It took me all this time.

  6. I have not heard of these movies before. Looks like I will be checking them out on netflix soon.

  7. I hate to admit it, but I haven’t seen any of these movies! Awful, right? Adding them to my bucket list.

  8. It’s been a while since I last watched a movie like this and it would be so nice to plan a movie night for these movies on the list! I honestly haven’t seen the trailer for Infiltrator, it’s a pretty interesting film!

  9. How is it possible that I haven’t seen any of these! I’m definitely going to have a movie night and watch one soon!

  10. Snitch was a good one and Blow was great. I need to catch the other ones and see if I like them. I love a good movie marathon.

  11. I am definitely more of a romantic comedy type of movie watcher 🙂 However, right now, we are just about only watching Disney movies! I think my husband would love any of these though.

  12. This is a great list of films. I’ve been trying to line up all the movies I want to watch so I can prioritize watching them every weekend when I am off from work.

  13. I feel so out of the loop! I have not seen nor heard of most of these movies. Maybe I need to venture past chick flicks, and love stories.

  14. I have been looking for new movies lately to watch and I don’t think I have seen any of these. I definitely need to look them up.

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