New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Mocktail Recipe

Ring in the new year with a smashingly successful party that includes this tasty rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mocktail recipe!

New Year is only few weeks away. Whether you are hosting a New Year’s Eve party or attending one or just chilling with the family, a mocktail drink to ring 2016 is a must. Gather some ingredients from your mom’s pantry or the grocery store and make this easy virgin drink your New Year’s eve celebration. It requires few ingredients but will impress your BFF.

New Year’s Eve Mocktail Recipe

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Ring in the new year with a smashingly successful party that includes this tasty rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mocktail recipe!



  • Using a pitcher add 1/2 liter bottle of Sprite, 5 Cups of Pink Lemonade, 4 tbsp. of Raspberry Syrup
  • Stir
  • Dip your glassware in water then in the sanding sugar. I like to use an appetizer plate. Fill one with water and one with the sanding sugar
  • Fill the glassware with ice
  • Pour the beverage in the glassware and serve

With this festive New Year’s Eve Mocktail, you and your besties will ring in the New Year in style! If you want to mix things up a bit, break out the North Pole mocktail recipe you served during your Christmas party. Don’t worry, no one will mind the repeat!

Ring in the new year with a smashingly successful party that includes this tasty rockin’ New Year’s Eve Mocktail recipe!

If you want, you can change it a bit by using different colored candy canes to rim the glass.  Purple or blue and white, for example, to give it more of a “New Year” feel.

Of course, you’ll need delicious desserts to serve at your party! Try these butterscotch cupcakes! They melt in your mouth, that’s how good they are! I love them because they’re different that the usual party fare.

Butterscotch Cupcakes: The perfect teen party recipe

These black forest cupcakes are pretty rockin’ for New Year’s Eve too.

It is time to celebrate with cake! Make the most delicious Black Forest Cupcakes full of chocolate and cherry flavors to blow your Bae or best friend away!

They’re just right for your friends who really just aren’t that into butterscotch. I know, right? How could they? Still, it happens, we forgive.

What do you serve at your New Year’s Eve parties? Do you go all out with baking and cooking? Have it catered? Will you try our New Year’s Eve Mocktail? Tell us below!


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19 thoughts on “New Year’s Eve Rockin’ Mocktail Recipe

  1. Back when I used to entertain I tended to run out to the nearest deli and have them prepare a platter or two–get a couple bottles of wine–make a punch and then we all just had a great time. Well none pf us drinks anymore-and I for one love those virgin drinks. The mocktail above sounds like a great way to usher in the New Year!

  2. It’s thoughtful to have mocktails available for guest when entertaining too. We have a few nursing moms in our neighborhood that like to have a fancy drink too, but will pass due to the alcohol. Mocktails are a perfect alternative so everyone can partake in a pretty drink.

    1. I don’t drink alcohol, but I love a festive and gorgeous beverage. I would be so appreciative if my host went to the effort of making something like this.

  3. Love that it’s a mocktail and it’s something fun I can share with the kids! I have a few parties coming up that this would be perfect for.

  4. Love this mocktail recipe! This is something we can prepare for the kids and the non-alcohol drinkers in my family. We have a big reunion on Christmas day and we’ll be making lots of this!

  5. I tend to do a combination of making things myself and having them brought in. The mocktails are so festive and fun. Definitely need to make those.

  6. I like the decorative tasties on the glass rims. Those def. add to the festivities. :0

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