Exciting Outside Party Games for Kids & Families

With the summer season fast approaching, families are looking for more fun things to do outside. Summer cookouts, picnics and parties are commonplace across the globe and with that comes a need for new and exciting games! Party games that you can play outside add tons of fun to the festivities. Here are several cool ideas to enjoy at your next party.

Exciting Outside Party Games for Kids & Families

Outside Party Games for Kids

A good old fashioned scavenger hunt

When it comes to fun outside party games, it is hard to beat a scavenger hunt. Whether your party is for children, adults or a mixture of age groups, you can create a scavenger hunt that fits the bill. Simply designate an area to stay within and hide several items ahead of the party. Then make up several clues, print them out for the various contestants and send them hunting. Everyone loves a treasure hunt!

Horseshoes, badminton and cornhole tournaments

Some things never get old and these favorites are certainly a good example of that. If you have these three fun games at your outdoor party, you will have all the entertainment you can handle. Cornhole has gotten particularly popular in recent years and is a great game for all ages and talent levels. It is hard to beat a few good old fashioned yard games.

Egg toss or water balloon toss

Water Balloon fights are fun outside party games for kids!

What is it about seeing someone get egg all over themselves? How about splashed with water? For whatever reason, it brings out the fun in people and the games never get old. Grab a carton of eggs or some water balloons and see who gets it first.

Build a boat

This is one of the really fun outside party games that requires a bit of teamwork. Take your group and break them up into teams. Then give them random supplies like string, cardboard, tape, paper, glue and so on. The more random the supplies the better. Once you have them all with the same supplies, have them build a boat. This can be a ton of fun if you have a body of water. The one that stays afloat the longest will win. You can do this life size or simply kid size depending on the supplies you have to work with.

Musical Chairs outside

If you want some simple fun that will get a party started, line up the chairs and start the music. Musical chairs can be one of the best ice breakers in the world. Simply put a set number of chairs facing in different directions in a line and have the players walk around them while the music is playing. When the music stops, everyone has to grab a seat. Make sure you have one less seat than you do people each round so that one is left out. Keep taking away chairs and eliminating people until you are left with the winner.

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These are only a few ideas for great outside party games and I am sure you have a ton of others. What ideas can you share with us for outdoor fun?

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21 thoughts on “Exciting Outside Party Games for Kids & Families

  1. These are some great games to play at parties. I remember playing all of them when I was a kid. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Those are great outdoor activities! We live in an apartment, but there is space for this near my in-laws, I will have to check some of these games out for the kids!

  3. My kids love to be outdoors and love playing games. It is a nice break for me to send them outback to play while I get some work done. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. I Miss Playing Horse Shoes Such Great Ideas & Games Will Be Using Them Over The Summer With The Kids Thank You!

  5. My kids love doing water balloons. We have also done the make a sailboat thing and had races using rain gutters.

  6. Great list of games. I love playing horseshoes. Seems like a lot of kids these days don’t play it.

  7. Great list of outdoor games! I miss playing these games. It seems I can’t get my kids even out of the house now that they are teenagers and have a cell phone. I’m going to try a game or two for my daughter’s graduation party next year. We’ll see how it goes!

  8. Musical chairs and water balloon toss are on the top of my list now 🙂

  9. We love a lot of those. Water balloons are always fun!

  10. If you have a lot of space in the garden good old hide & seek is a great fun specially with younger ones

  11. I love all these ideas. I remember planning a scavenger hunt for several of my birthdays. We would go to the neighbors and ask for things. Of course, it might not be so wise to do it now unless your close with your neighbors.

  12. These are all awesome kids party games for a outside. I always loved playing water balloon toss and hide &seek too. Another game we used to when we were really little was duck duck goose. Thanks for sharing.

  13. These are fun and exciting games. Water balloons is always a hit with my kids.

  14. These are all wonderful list of party games. Musical chair is one of my family’s favorite outdoor game. My kids loves to play water balloon the most. Will definitely share this games ideas with my kids.

  15. Horseshoes is one of the very best outdoor party games. I grew up watching the adults in my life play horseshoes and I play them now with my friends at every summer party we go to.

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