Darling Party Game Ideas For Precious Little Girls

Looking for party game ideas for girls? Check out our darling ideas that your precious little princess will adore. Easy DIY party games!
Looking for party game ideas for girls that step outside the usual princess box? Our ideas include a mix of traditional, unique spins on old classics and some totally new ideas that your girls will adore. The best part? These games are perfect for girls of all ages! Plus, even the boys at the bash will enjoy them! Just add in a few extra supplies to entice them to join in. Check out our party game ideas for girls!

Darling party game ideas for girls

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Dress Up Photo Booth

Dress Up Clothes for Darling party game ideas for girls
Put together a box of dress up clothes for the little partiers. Include big jewelry, scarves and boas, hats, crowns, and other props. Take some time to let the girls put together a dress up costume then take a picture of each little girl in her creation. Print out photos so the girls can take them home when they leave.

Make a Picture Frame

After the photo booth, let the girls create their own special picture frame. Use craft foam or cardboard for the frames and provide crayons, markers, glue on gems and other decorations. Help the girls tape their dress up photos into their frame when they’re finished.


Line up the girls and play a game of old-fashioned “Telephone.” Whisper a phrase in the ear of the first girl then instruct her to whisper it into the ear of the next and so on until it reaches the last girl in line. Ask the last girl to repeat the phrase out loud. A few rounds of this game will be great for a few giggles.

Jewelry Hunt

Invest in several inexpensive jewelry sets from a dollar store — one for each party guest. Each set should feature large and colorful beads if possible. The set should include a necklace, a bracelet and a ring. Before the party starts or while the girls are busy with another activity or game, hide all of the jewelry sets — just the necklaces and bracelets — ¬†around the room or outside.
When it’s time to start this game, give each girl a ring then instruct them to search for the missing pieces from their jewelry set. Play some fun music while they search. The first to match her whole set is the winner, but with this game, everyone wins because each girl will be able to take her set home as a party souvenir.

Hula Hoop Relay

This game can be completed as a relay with two teams or just for fun with one group. Line up girls and instruct them to hold hands. Start by placing a hula hoop over the head and head and shoulders of the first girl. The object is for the girls to pass the hula hoop all the way down the line without breaking the hand holds. Plenty of giggles and fun with this game!
Party game ideas for girls don’t have to be elaborate. Add some dressing up, jewelry, and some giggles to keep them all having fun and enjoying the party.

Do you have any favorite party game ideas for girls? Share them in the comments!

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  1. The dress up photo booth is an awesome idea. All kids love dressing up!

  2. This could not have come at a better time. We have a birthday party this Sunday for my Little Miss. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That is so stinking cute! I wish I’d had a girl to go along with my boy, so I could have done things like this.

  4. We did a princess themed party for my niece a couple of years ago, and you’d think she’d won the lottery. There hasn’t been anything that’s been that big of a hit yet.

  5. These are great ideas. I have always wanted a photo booth at a party.

  6. Playing dress up is every girl’s favorite! I would combine the two – photo booth and dress up! That would be great for a take home party treat!

  7. I love the dress up photobooth idea! It is very cute for parties!

  8. How cute is she?!? I love these ideas! I remember telephone from when I was little and haven’t thought of it in years. The dress up photo booth is another great one. I have a niece with a birthday next month so these ideas are awesome!

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