Take off Into Excitement with these Planes Party Games for Kids

Take off Into Excitement with these Planes Party Games for Kids

These Planes party games for kids will make your Disney Plane’s theme party a huge hit! With the release of Planes: Fire and Rescue, kids will definitely be asking for parties with their favorite characters. Keep your little guests entertained with our fun and easy games!

Planes Party Games for Kids

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Musical Planes

One of the easiest Planes party games for kids is a play on the classic musical chairs. Grab the soundtrack to Disney’s Planes movie and play it in the background. The basics are the same as the classic game: put the chairs in the circle, take one out each round. Kids need to race to get to a chair when the music stops. The twist? They must “fly” like planes around the room and “land” when the music stops!

Plane Races

Planes Party Games for Kids| Plane Races

Give the kids  supplies from your craft kit to make and decorate their own paper planes  or grab some foam plane kits for them to assemble. You may need to help younger kids. When they’re done, take them outside and line them up. Have plane flying contests to see which plane can fly the highest, furthest or do the most loops and other tricks!

Pin the Propeller on Dusty

For this variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey, you’ll need a large cutout of Dusty the Plane. We recommend the great wall decals pictured above. You’ll also need to make some propellers (or print them out) and attach double-sided tape to the backs. The goal is simple: kids line up, get blindfolded, then try to pin the propeller on the front of Dusty’s face!

Plane toss game

Get some plastic planes and a giant piece of cardboard. Cut different sized holes into the cardboard, and label them with different point values. The smaller the hole, the larger the number of points. Obviously, you don’t want any holes too small for the plane to fit through! Have kids “fly” the planes by throwing them and trying to get them through the hole. Make it more challenging by requiring the plane to go through nose first!

Make your own wooden planes

Planes Party Games for Kids: Planes Craft

Check out our Planes-inspired DIY Airplane Craft for kids for this great party activity!

These easy DIY Planes party games for kids are definitely going to keep your guests entertained! For more ideas, check out all our party games for kids! Looking for more Planes fun? Check out these free Planes printables! While they’re holiday-themed, the coloring pages are perfect for any time of the year.

What are your favorite Planes party games for kids?

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  2. Love the variations on the old standby party games and I’m sure all the kids will have a great time.

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