17 Spa Party Ideas That Will Rock Your World


I have thrown more than one spa party, and it’s always a huge hit! My friends love to have a day of relaxing, pampering, and laughing with each other. I could seriously go for a spa party right now and a day of relaxing with my besties. I’ve dreamed up a list of seventeen different ides to make your spa party a hit! Check out my big list below!

 photo Fruit-Infused-Water-Bitz-Giggles-682x1024_zpsp9cdndn5.jpg

  • Make a relaxing Lavender Eye Mask and feel your worries slip away.

 photo LavenderEyeMask_zpsgaxcatdk.jpg

  • How about making some adorable t-shirt headbands. Use them to pull back your hair when you are pampering your faces! My favorite one requires no sewing!

 photo knit tshirt headbands_zpsuqbighy2.png

      • Make this heavenly smelling vanilla peppermint salt scrub that’s a great body scrub.

 photo Vanilla-Peppermint-Salt-Scrub-Valentines-Day_zpsd7u7ad8n.jpg

  • Try this divine lavender food scrub and give your skin some glow

 photo LavenderFootScrub_zpsgbsy1rjb.jpg


 photo 008-yarn-flip-flops-dream-a-little-bigger_zpsvlciafmb.jpg

 photo Natural-Peppermint-Foot-Soak_zpszfcebgqb.jpg



  • Want a treat to serve your friends that’s fun and sweet? These chocolate dipped oranges look divine!
     photo 12487708424_ba30b27649_c_zpsyxzqe2kh.jpg
  • Make sure to grab a picture relaxing with cucumbers over your eyes.


 photo image002_zpsfslb0ttx.png

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There are a lot of spa party ideas here! I want to try all the face scrubs, and those chocolate dipped oranges look scrumptious! Tell me your favs in the comments.

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28 thoughts on “17 Spa Party Ideas That Will Rock Your World

  1. I would love to do this with my girls, but one is in her too cool to hang with mom stage and the other is too tomboyish. Maybe I’ll just do this with some friends instead.

  2. I really love the idea of using scrubs. This makes me want to go home and use mine! It’s been a long week.

  3. I would love to go to a girls night spa! Guess my only alternative is to host if noone is having it for me. You have a lot of great ideas!

  4. What a great idea. This would work well for bridal showers or stagettes or birthday parties or Mother’s Day – or as you say, a girl’s day. You could also give coupons as gifts for Christmas for an upcoming Spa Day. Great ideas!

  5. I need me that donut bracelet, it’s sooo darn adorable!
    They are all such great ideas, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. These are great. I am going to try to make the scrubs. After all I have 500 baby food jars it seems.

  7. Yes to at home DIY spa days! So many wonderful ideas for my daughter and I to try.

  8. Fun ideas!!! OMG I need to try the orange slices with chocolate!!!!

  9. There’s nothing like a spa party to help you and your friends rejuvenate! I love these ideas! I’m hoping I can recreate some of them soon!

  10. These are all awesome ideas for a spa party! It’s always nice to be able to relieve stress with friends and a spa party is perfect!

  11. This is perfect! i’ve been lookin for ways to spoil my mum this christmas and these spa ideas seem like the perfect gifts

  12. What fantastic ideas! My tweens would love to do these for a party. Great for winter break!

  13. These look like some amazing spa day treatments, snacks, and crafts! I want to try the peppermint soak!

  14. The flip flops are adorable! My daughter would love making them.

  15. I love these ideas! I especially love the foot soak and could definitely go for a pedicure right now.

  16. So many great ideas! I am totally ready to host a spa party now-that infused water looks divinely delish!

  17. What a fun bunch of ideas for a great girl’s night! I think scrubs are amazing, especially ones you make yourself.

  18. Maybe it’s me but I love lavendar eye masks and choco oranges!

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