Make Learning Fun with Spring Science Games for Kids

Spring is the perfect time to teach kids a few new fun experiments! Check out our favorite spring science games for kids and make learning fun!

Are you ready for spring? Not only does this season bring warmer weather, it also gives you plenty of opportunities to teach your children important science lessons. Here are some spring science games you can use to make learning science fun for your kids.

Spring Science Games for Kids

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Carnation Color Wheel

A great way for your kids to have fun learning science is to set up a carnation color experiment. To do this science game, you’ll need to purchase some white carnations and some food coloring. Your kids will need to set up the experiment by placing a drop of food coloring in a glass of water. You can then place the carnation in the water and watch as the petals slowly change colors. If your kids are a little older, you can make this lesson more age appropriate by challenging them to use only the primary colors in separate glasses to create green, orange, or purple flowers. The only rule is that they have to do with without mixing the water colors! (Hint: They’ll need to splice the carnation stem so that one side of the stem goes into the yellow while the other side goes in to the blue, creating a green flower.)

Kite Creations

Spring Science Games for Kids

Are your kids competitive? Then get ready for some science fun with these kite creations. Give your kids supplies that they can use to make kites. Let them have fun engineering a kite that they think will stay in the sky! After your kids are finished creating their kites, launch them in to the sky and see whose kite stays airborne for the longest. After the kites come down, you can discuss the different factors that cause one kite to be better than the other. Let your kids make adjustments to their kites and have a rematch to see who will be the Kite Creation Champion!

Iceberg Melts

If it’s spring, then the snow should be melting, but how long does it take for something to actually melt? The weather is a huge factor when it comes to melting, so take advantage of this season and try this fun science experiment. To do this game, you’ll need some ice cubes. Check the temperature and then set the ice cube outside in a bowl. Repeatedly check on the ice cube and record exactly how long it takes to melt. The next day, repeat the experiment. Your kids will notice that the ice melts faster on warmer days than it does on cooler days!

 Spring is the perfect time to let your kids have fun with science. What are some of your favorite spring science games for kids?

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30 thoughts on “Make Learning Fun with Spring Science Games for Kids

  1. Those all sound like fun! What a bunch of great ideas you have here.

  2. I like the Ice Melts .. It gives the Children something to do and think about. Kites are also a great idea , they get the chance to go out and be active

  3. Great activities!
    When it’s nicer the kids will be armed with magnifying glasses for our hunts out in the back yard.
    We also talk about what animals live in our neighborhood and make bird feeders for our feathered friends.

  4. Science experiments are my son’s favorite! I think it’s fun for him to learn, and sometimes I learn things from them too!

  5. I love the ice melts. I haven’t done those with my children yet, and I actually have wanted to for a long time. This is a great spring for it! I love doing science oriented activities with my kids.

  6. As a mom and a teacher, I am always looking for fun ways for the kids to enjoy science. You have some easy and great ideas here!

  7. I love the flower turning colors. I have to get stuff so we can try that one ! Thank you !

  8. ‘I love the kite and all the rest. Thank you for some great idea !!

  9. We really need to make some kites! I think it would be a ton of fun with the kids!

  10. I love it when kids have fun with science, that’s the best way for them to learn to enjoy science and it’s a subject that for years was left behind others and it is so important to get kids interested at an early age.

  11. Wow! Flying a kite brings back so many happy child hood memories! What a great idea!

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