Stop the Meltdowns with Our Summer Makeup Tips for Teens

Don't let your pretty face turn into a melting Wicked Witch re-enactment under the hot sun! Check out these great summer makeup tips for teens!

While many of us are excited that summer is upon us, we are also dreading putting on makeup during those hot summer days. After all, no one wants makeup melting all down their face. Here are some great summer makeup tips to help you looking your best all summer long.

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Summer Makeup Tips for Teens

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Ensure your eye makeup stays on– In the summer, you want to avoid using eye cream on your lids since this can cause eye makeup to lose its effect. Instead, you want to apply eye primer since this will create a base so your eye shadow stays on longer and it also reduces creasing. With eye liner, apply your eye liner as you normally would and then apply a darker color shadow over the liner so it stays on longer. E.L.F. makes an eye primer that’s just $3 and works great!

Protect your face from the sun– Using foundation on your face in the summer just creates a look and a feel that is uncomfortable. Instead, you want to use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. This will help to keep your skin not only protected from the sun but hydrated as well. So long, alligator skin! We love Olay Fresh Effects. It’s decently priced, has a fun package and works fantastic.

Protect your lips from the sun– While you probably think about putting sunscreen on your face as well as the rest of your body, you don’t want to forget to apply some to your lips as well. Lips contain very little melanin that repels the sun so it is important to apply a chapstick that not only contains Vitamin E to keep your lips moisturized, but also helps protect your lips from UVA and UVB rays. Skip the deep matte lipsticks during the summer. Instead, opt for shimmery balms and glosses that have built-in sunscreen. Or go nude with EOS Lemon Drop! Can’t live without red lipstick? Apply the lip balm over a red stain!

Use water-proof eye makeup Waterproof eye liner and mascara are designed to help stay in place on those hot and steamy summer days. You should only apply liner and mascara to the top of your eye lashes and eye lids so that the makeup won’t run down your face. Yes, the under-eye liner look is coming back, but save it for the fall.  As for the mascara, you can’t go wrong with Cover Girl!

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Less is moreUnless you have a hot date or you’re heading to THE beach party of the year, stick with the “less is more” approach. You won’t need many summer makeup tips if you’re sporting a face that’s all you, babe. I know, where is the fun in that? If you can’t live without makeup (trust me, I know the feeling!), do this: pick one feature to play down and one to play up. Example: that period pimple that sprouted its ugly whitehead right before your date. Conceal, conceal, conceal. Then play up those stellar baby blues! Leave the rest of your pretty face alone.

These summer makeup tips will help keeping your best face forward and stop you from looking like a melting Wicked Witch of the West so you can enjoy your days hanging out on the beach with your friends.

Do you have any other great summer makeup tips for teens? Tell us in the comments!


25 thoughts on “Stop the Meltdowns with Our Summer Makeup Tips for Teens

  1. What great makeup tips for teens you have highlighted today! I always think less is more and most teens look better when they apply makeup that looks natural in my opinion!

  2. I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup when I was a teen and if I had a daughter, she wouldn’t be allowed to wear it, either.

  3. I don’t wear much make up during the summer months unless I’m going to an event. I do moisturize my lips because they are huge and its a must. What I haven’t check for is the SPF if my lip chap.

  4. This will be great for when my girlies hit their teens. Still a long ways off, but I will now be fully prepared!

  5. These tips will definitely help make summers much better! I have to start using sunscreens that moisturize better.

  6. Protecting your skin and lips are key! These are great tips not only for teens but for adults as well!

  7. I don’t know anything about teens yet, but I could use these tips, LOL! Thanks for sharing them!

  8. Less is definitely more, especially in the summer. Nobody wants to walk around looking and feeling like their face is melting!

  9. Eye primer is a definite must in ensuring that eyeshadow stays put! I normally use the eye primer by Urban Decay, but I’ll definitely try this brand sometime to see how it compares.

  10. My granddaugher is a pre-teen so she spends time with her mom playing with various make-up ideas. This is a great post for them, thank you for sharing! 🙂

  11. These are helpful tips. I will pass them on to my daughter. Of course, you know teenagers, they already know everything, so we shall see how she takes them!

  12. The first timeI had a meltdown with makeup was on a hot airplane. And I did not have my makeup on board to fix it. What a mess, lol!

  13. I totally agree, less is more in the summer! I think the best thing you can do is sunscreen, bronzer, and waterproof mascara !

  14. These are some really great tips! I agree 100% with the sunscreen! Your skin will Thank you later!

  15. I was in Jr. High when I started wearing makeup and I wasn’t allowed to wear very much. I had really bad acne and the makeup helped to cover it. Kiddo is 10 and she does play with makeup with her friends. Right now all she is allowed to wear out of the house is lip gloss and nail polish. I think age appropriate for makeup is based on each child and their parent. I dont really think there is a set age.

  16. I am all about “less is more” these days. I just wished I had subscribed to this motto as a teen when I used to pile it on. These are really great tips, especially about the SPF!

  17. I don’t have any makeup tips to share, but I did notice from this post that the options for today’s teens have certainly changed since I was a teen. I don’t even remember wearing lip gloss in school. I can’t even remember when I first started. I did wear concealer though and I was horrible at matching my skin tone now that I remember.

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