7 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Friends & Rivals She Can’t Stop Feuding With

Your squad sticks by you and Taylor Swift's best friends are no exception. Check out our list of Tay's best friends and most bitter rivals.

Taylor Swift’s best friends and rivals make a lot of noise in the social media world. Your BFF’s stick by you through thick and thin and Taylor has proved over and over that the inner circles of her squad have her back. For that matter, the outer circles of her squad have her back too! No one gets along with everyone, and Tay is no exception. She has a few rivals that have heated up the media. Check out our list of some of Taylor Swifts’s best friends and her most cutting rivals.

Taylor Swift’s Best Friends

Taylor’s squad seems to know no bounds these days. All of us have those important besties that are always in our heart.

Selena Gomez


Selena Gomez and Swift are the best of friends, sharing advice with each other about things like relationships and careers. These two are so close knit and everyone is talking about them.

Emma Stone


Swift and Emma Stone are great friends and are often seen supporting each other at concerts and premieres. Emma and Tay are on tight schedules so talk mostly by e-mail, but we sometimes see them having fun together too and both share a love of style.

Lena Dunham


Swift and Lena Dunham formed a close bond and worked on several songs together on Swift’s album, 1989. The two both have a huge love for cats too.

Taylor Swift’s Rivals

As much as we like Taylor, not everyone does. The drama follows everyone especially a big celebrity like Taylor Swift. Below are some of her loudest rivals.

Kate Perry


The feud between Swift and Katy Perry is the inspiration for Swift’s song Bad Blood. Their feud started when Perry tried to lure some of Swift’s backup dancers.

Camilla Belle


Swift blamed Camilla Belle for her split with Joe Jonas. She believes that Jonas broke up with her so that he could start a relationship with Belle. Swift even penned a song about Belle, Better Than Revenge.

Kendal Jenner


The rival with Swift and Kendal Jenner is due in part to Swift defending her BFF Selena Gomez. Gomez asked for Swift’s help in getting even with Jenner. It seems that Gomez thought Jenner was spending too much time in public with her ex, Justin Bieber.

Nicki Minaj


The rival between Swift and Nicki Minaj started when the nominations were released for the MTV Video Music Awards. Minaj was upset because she wasn’t nominated for Video of the Year, prompting a rant on Twitter. Nicki posted tweets like, “If your video celebrates women with very slim bodies, you will be nominated for vid of the year.” Taylor tweeted back with, “I’ve done nothing but love and support you.” Minaj claimed the tweet wasn’t aimed at Swift, with Swift later apologizing. These two seem to keep heating back up in the gossip about the same time the Taylor and Kanye West had it out publicly during award season. With Nicki, there is a rivalry going on, but with Kanye, it was plain disrespect and arrogance which is why he didn’t grace our list this time.

So are there any other of Taylor Swift’s best friends that you love? What about other bitter rivals that we missed? Who do you think is at the top and bottom of Taylor’s list these days? Tell us in the comments!

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18 thoughts on “7 Of Taylor Swift’s Best Friends & Rivals She Can’t Stop Feuding With

  1. I didn’t know she was friends with most of these people. I think she is adorable, though, so I am not surprised she has so many friends.

  2. Makes sense that there would be bffs and rivalries in the industry. My daughter is definitely a Swifty and probably knows all the people Taylor Swift is friends with. lol

  3. I think there is drama in everyone’s life it’s just in the celebrity world it is more under a microscope with crazier people. I am glad in all that craziness that she has a few good friends.

  4. It wasn’t until my daughter really got into Taylor Swift that I paid her much attention. I love what she does for young girls, empowering them & making it a great time to be a girl. All of these feuds seem pretty childish!

  5. I have heard that she has a huge heart and is really giving to all of her friends. I had no idea she had any rivals, other than Kanye! LOL

  6. I didn’t realize that Taylor Swift had this many rivals. I think its crazy how may different arguments these celebrities can get into.

  7. My daughter is obsessed with Taylor Swift! I had no idea about these rivals that she has, I am going to have to share this with my daughter.

  8. I knew about her and Katy Perry having a rivalry but that was it. I guess because she’s in the limelight you hear about this kind of stuff more.

  9. I want to start a feud with Selena Gomez, so I can be Taylor’s new bestie. I adore her! It took some time for me to warm up, but I think she’s adorable.

  10. She’s got a lot of history for being such a young lady! I guess everything is heightened when you’re that famous!

  11. I really like Taylor Swift. My Daughter wants to go see her in concert when she comes to our area.

  12. Taylor seems to be just as famous for her boyfriends and fights as she is for her music. She has such a beautiful voice.

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