The Arrangement on E! is Your New Guilty Pleasure


Looking for a new guilty pleasure! Check out our thoughts on The Arrangement on E! and find out why everyone is raving about this upcoming drama!

So, I have to start out by saying that when I read the synopsis for this new television series, The Arrangement, I thought it was going to be another  dramatized television series. That was until I had the chance to watch an episode of The Arrangement. Not even 10 minutes into the episode, I was hooked. Wow, if you like guilty pleasures, then this is definitely your kind of television show. It is set to air in March of this year on the E! Entertainment Television Network, for 10 episodes. Check out the trailer, then read on to see why this will be your new guilty pleasure!

The Arrangement on E!: Your New Guilty Pleasure

So, the main stars of this series are Christine Evangelista, playing the role of Megan Morrison; Josh Henderson, playing the role of Kyle West and Michael Vartan as Terrence Anderson.

Evangelista has appeared in episodes of The Walking Dead in 2015 as Sherry, Blue Bloods in 2011 as Jolene as well as the 2015 movie The Intern as Mia and the 2016 Bleed for This as Ashley. Henderson is best known for his role in 16 episodes of Desperate Housewives, playing the role of Austin McCann from 2006 to 2007 and in 40 episodes of Dallas, playing the role of John Ross Ewing III from 2012 to 2014. Vartan is best known for his role in 95 episodes of Alias, playing the role of Michael Vaughn from 2001 to 2006 and in 30 episodes of Hawthorne, playing the role of Doctor Tom Wakefield from 2009 to 2011.

The series follows Megan Morrison, a young starlet who auditions for the lead female role in a movie, playing opposite Kyle West, who is the biggest star in Hollywood at the moment. It doesn’t take long for the two to start up a real-life romance. However, Megan’s world changes when she is offered $10 million to enter into a marriage contract with Kyle.

The contract is drawn up by Terrence Anderson, Kyle’s mentor, who designs the contract with the hopes of keeping Kyle’s life in order. Now, we do know that Kyle is part of an organization known as The Institute of the Higher Mind, which is led by Terrence. This organization is kind of like Scientology. Yeah, I know what you are thinking, Tom Cruise all over again. But Josh Henderson is much hotter and a way better actor than Tom Cruise. But, that is just my opinion.

So, here are the questions to ponder! What happens when Megan is presented with this marriage contract? What will happen with the romance between Megan and Kyle? And what secrets does Megan have that she doesn’t want revealed? Guess we’ll have to watch for March to find out but you can bet this series is going to be awesome!

Are you looking forward to The Arrangement? What are some of your favorite guilty pleasures? Share below!

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10 thoughts on “The Arrangement on E! is Your New Guilty Pleasure

  1. Well hello to Josh… yes, I am single and I love dates! (ha! can’t blame a woman for trying!) I’ll have to give this show a try, thanks for making me aware of this… I’m always looking for something new to watch and get hooked into!

  2. I haven’t heard of this show. My daughter loves Guilty Pleasure, I’m sure she’ll love this, too.

  3. Oh my gosh! The trailers for The Arrangement look sooooo good! I’m definitely watching! Now I’m curious about Megan’s past secrets…hmmm, what could they be? I’ll have to tune in and find out! Can’t wait for March!

  4. I have been hearing great reviews for The Arrangement. I will have to check it out this weekend. I am always looking for new shows to watch.

  5. We don’t have cable so I haven’t heard about this show. Will have to wait to watch when/if it makes it on Netflix.

  6. This sounds like an interesting show. I don’t have cable either so I will have to wait until it reaches netflix or hulu.

  7. This sounds like my kind of show. I’ve always enjoyed watching shows like this. Can’t wait for March!

  8. Looks like it could be an interesting look into a lifestyle most of us would never consider.

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